Scooters are becoming increasingly popular across the United States, but many people aren’t fully aware of the risk these vehicles pose. At first glance, they may seem relatively innocuous. Scooters are capable of relatively low speeds, and some are fully electric. Despite this, individuals in Florida are continuing to get injured while riding scooters. In fact, some might argue that due to the fact that scooters have a reputation for being slow and “fun,” people are more likely to act in a reckless manner and fail to take the rules of the road seriously. Remember, you can easily become injured while moving at virtually any speed. In addition, scooters offer little protection to the rider, who is almost completely exposed while on the road.

Can you file a lawsuit if you were injured in a Florida scooter accident? The only person who can realistically answer this question is a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg. When you team up with a skilled attorney, you have a much better chance of getting compensated for your damages. Due to Florida’s “no-fault car insurance” and “pure comparative negligence” laws, you may be able to recover compensation even if you are partly to blame for your own injuries.

A Shocking Example of a Scooter Injury in St. Petersburg

In February of 2021, two women were seriously injured while riding a scooter in St. Petersburg. After running a stop sign, they crashed into another vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was not injured. This is a stunning example of how many scooter drivers seem to think that the rules of the road somehow do not apply to them.

How Easy Is it to Get Compensation for a Scooter Injury?

In the above example, getting compensation would be relatively easy for the two women in the scooter crash. Because of Florida’s no-fault insurance laws, it wouldn’t matter that these women ran a stop sign. Even if they weren’t insured, they would most likely have the ability to file a claim through the insurance claim of the car driver.

However, that’s as far as they would be able to go. Filing a lawsuit for additional compensation would be very difficult, since they ran a stop sign. While it’s true that Florida’s pure comparative fault laws allow plaintiffs to sue even if they are 99% responsible for their own injuries, the court might find that these women were actually 100% responsible for their own injuries.

Generally speaking, it is much easier to get compensation if you own the scooter and you have a driver’s license. If you rented the scooter and you do not require a driver’s license to operate the scooter, things become much more difficult. This is because there is no real insurance policy that protects these drivers, unless you have some kind of “umbrella” policy that covers you from a wide range of possible injuries. With all that said, if someone’s negligence led directly to your injury, you always have the potential to file a lawsuit in Florida.

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