Can I make a formal complaint against a Greenville South Carolina cop for sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment/misconduct.

Sexual Harassment/misconduct is a form of police brutality second in line to excessive force complaints.  This form of brutality stems from  unwelcome sexual advances, requests, or demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature by law enforcement in the course of their job. If a police officer has engaged in sexual harassment or abuse, under the guise of their professional employment, it is a form of police brutality.  An attorney can help initiate a civil and criminal action when necessary.

Law enforcement officers are given broad power through the badge, to protect people and enforce the law, but those who are sexual predators tend to target the general public through acts of police brutality including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual acts and/or other types of sex-related violations on an adult, or minor child and covers consensual sexual activity that occurs when an officer is on-duty, sexual assault and child molestation.

Identified negative behaviors.

Sexual misconduct by law enforcement identifies any behavior that an officer uses in their position of authority and power including:

  1. Sexual contact by force; 2. Unwarranted physical contact with citizens (e.g. inappropriate or unnecessary searches or pat-downs); 3. The use of any information gained while on duty or under the color of authority for personal use (e.g. using a phone number given to an officer during a traffic stop or on a call to ask someone on a date or engage in a personal conversation). 4. Sexual behavior while on duty or in uniform (e.g. masturbation, viewing and/or distributing pornographic images, sexting, whether by personal or Department phone or computer); 5. Voyeuristic actions that are sexually motivated (e.g. looking in windows of residences for sexually motivated reasons, traffic stops to better view occupants for non-professional reasons ) 6. Sexual harassment of colleagues or co-workers.

Formal complaint to department.

Greenville Police Department takes every complaint seriously. Your information will be sent to the Professional Standards division for review, and all submissions will receive a response. You may submit your complaint online, or you may contact the Internal Affairs Division at 864-467-5510. Additionally, you may contact the city of Greenville Human Resources director, Athena Miller, by emailing [email protected].

All victims of sexual misconduct by police employees shall be treated with professionalism and dignity. Their allegations shall be taken seriously throughout the investigative process regardless of their background, criminal history, or perceived lack of credibility or questionable behavior. These victims, as with any who report this offense, must be protected from intimidation.

Common forms of police brutality.

Sexual harassment is a form of police brutality along with excessive force; false arrest and wrongful imprisonment; wrongful search and seizure activity; racial and gender discrimination; and general abuse against civilians.  A victim can sue for damages including hospital/medical expenses; disability payments; emotional distress; loss of enjoyment of life; physical pain and suffering; and loss of love and companionship due to a death or serious injury caused by police brutality.

Call a lawyer.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a police officer in Greenville South Carolina, contact an experienced attorney at Hayes Law Firm to help you file a formal complaint with the department or initiate legal action when necessary.

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