What legal documents may protect spousal interests in a divorce action in Clearwater Florida?


Florida is referred to as a “no-fault divorce state” and it is not necessary to prove infidelity or abuse, giving the illusion that finalizing a divorce action should be relatively simple to accomplish. When there are no assets or children, couples often file their own divorces. When there are issues to resolve, mediation trained lawyers can assist toward an expedient final judgment, and other times the divorce may feed off of antagonism dragging out court processes. Objectivity is the key to moving through child custody and property division with a clear focus and is better handled with the help of legal counsel who can reduce conflict as a marriage comes to an end.

Emergency orders.   

Emergency orders are necessary if the primary income spouse of a family walks out with short notice, leaving the caregiver of the household and any dependent children in dire circumstances.  Financial support is often requested in court to provide for a family until final judgments are made.  Emergency support amounts may be estimated through the use of a Florida child support guideline worksheet and a review of household maintenance costs of the family residence where a non-working spouse and children continue to live.  Additionally, child custody issues may require emergency action taken in the best interests of the children, outlining temporary visitation schedules for a non-custodial parent.

Settlement agreement.

Financial and family matters may be addressed in a marital settlement agreement between the divorcing parties outlining “agreed upon conditions and future actions” relevant to finances, dependent care, visitation, and expenses incurred above alimony requirements and child support obligations.  A comprehensive settlement agreement addressing all important facets of a failed marriage may increase the ability to maintain a stable family future, so it is important to seek assistance in its preparation.

 Where to file.

Clearwater divorce petitions are filed in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court in the State of Florida and it is only necessary for one party to say the marriage is “irretrievably broken” without placing blame.  To proceed with a Florida no fault divorce, at least one party to the action must be a resident of Florida for six months prior to divorce, and file the paperwork in the county of residency.

Secure legal counsel.

The Law Offices of Yeazell & Sweet in Clearwater  offers free consultation when individuals realize that divorce is the only option  They may be able to assist in a smooth transition through this stressful life-changing event by limiting emotional and financial pitfalls.


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