Midland, TX – There are various workplace behaviors that can make a person uncomfortable. In most situations, a single incident may not be enough to take legal action unless there is serious misconduct involved. However, anyone who has serious concerns about their work environment should report these problems to their employer and discuss the situation with a labor attorney

After the first time harassment happens

The victim should make it clear to the person responsible for the sexual harassment that their behavior is not welcome and report the situation to their human resources department if necessary. This should be sufficient to end the problematic behavior in most situations. 

Behaviors that may not be sufficient for a lawsuit

If a person in the same workplace as the victim made an inappropriate sexual comment, asked for dates or romantic relationships, or said something offensive this may not be enough for a lawsuit if it only happened once or twice. The victim will have to show a hostile work environment, a pattern of behavior, or some kind of other serious harm that affected their ability to work based on the behavior in question. 

As this analysis shows, sexual harassment claims can be highly fact intensive based on the exact behaviors in question. This is why it is important for victims to get legal advice that is specific to their situation if they are having problems at work. 

Incidents that may require legal action

If a co-worker or superior such as a supervisor or manager explicitly asks for sexual favors in return for things like continued employment or salary increases, this is serious enough for a sexual harassment lawsuit. Any kind of harassment that involves physical harm may also be enough for a lawsuit or even criminal charges if the perpetrator tried to forcefully engage in sexual behavior. Anyone who believes that they have been the victim of behavior that is criminal in their workplace should contact the police and notify their employer immediately. A civil lawsuit that is related to the same incident may be possible at a later time as well. 

The victim may be compensated for things like lost income and wages if they need to find a new job. The employer may even have to pay for counseling and treatment if the harassment was serious and traumatic.

Workplace issues in Midland

Moore and Associates is a firm that dedicates their efforts to helping people with labor and employment lawsuits in the Midland area. Anyone who works in Texas and needs help after a work incident involving discrimination, harassment, or unpaid wages can contact the firm to meet with an experienced employment attorney. 

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