They can and they will. In recent news, it has been discovered that a routine traffic stop in Oakland, CA became a major drug bust after the driver was arrested for DUI.
14 pounds of marijuana was recovered from a vehicle during a routine traffic stop that resulted in a DUI.
On April 19, 2017 California Highway Patrol officers recovered something from a vehicle they had pulled over they probably never expected. It was around 2:40 a.m. when 30-year old Kwong Cho of San Francisco was pulled over for DUI. Officers had reasonable cause to pull the vehicle over simply because Cho was weaving while traveling on Interstate 580 East near Edwards Avenue in Oakland, CA. After officers arrested Cho for DUI, Alameda Patch pointed out that 14 pounds of marijuana was discovered in the vehicle. And that wasn’t it. Officers also located dozens of tubes which were full of hash oil and thousands of dollars in cash.
While Cho is expected to face DUI charges based on his BAC, blood-alcohol content levels, his penalties more than likely will increase after the large bags full of marijuana along with the other illegal items were retrieved from his vehicle.
While California legalized recreational marijuana use when Proposition 64 was passed in 2016, Cho is going to have a difficult time explaining why he was carrying 14 pounds of marijuana. Whenever an individual is arrested for DUI, it is vital that they hire an Oakland DUI defense attorney who is aggressive and will fight to get some of the charges reduced.

What are California’s DUI Laws Regarding Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana?

One of the biggest concerns that crossed Californian’s minds was how the legalization of marijuana was going to affect drivers and the roadways. Many DUI arrests are made daily all throughout the state of California which indicates there is still an issue with being intoxicated behind the wheel. However, while California has become lax on its marijuana laws, it hasn’t on DUI.
Under California law, Article 2, Code 23152(f) states that “It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.” Therefore, if a driver is caught operating their vehicle and an officer is led to believe they have either consumed alcohol or are under the influence of any type of drug, they will likely be arrested and faced with the consequences the state has adopted as their form of punishment for committing the crime.

Were You Arrested for DUI in Oakland, California and Need Legal Counsel?

All too often drivers are pulled over and taken into police custody as officers have reasonable suspicion to believe they are either drunk or their judgement is impaired from consuming some sort of drug. The trouble is, with all the new laws that have been passed, understanding what you are legally permitted to do now has become more unclear. So, if you are facing charges for DUI in Oakland, it is important that you speak with a licensed and experienced Oakland DUI

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