Texas – February 24, 2021

Texas statute allows for criminal prosecution of individuals who abuse children, and a childcare injury attorney is recommended for civil actions toward damage recovery.  Professional malpractice may also be considered when an abuser uses their professional status as a means for harm in these cases.  Families of victims of abuse have avenues to report and legally fight against abuse and child endangerment.  Legal counsel can provide guidance in these actions.

Increased violations.

An amendment was made to one of four civil lawsuits to include five more children.  The legal actions were filed against a Longview doctor charged with sexually assaulting youth patients during counseling sessions.  Ten total victims of abuse have been identified for harms related to treatment at the practice.   When children are injured, or harmed, while under the care of a licensed professional who owes them a specific duty of care, a malpractice  attorney can be of assistance in addressing concerns of safety for the child and their family.

Reduce possibility of abuse.

Minor children should always have another person present during physical examinations with doctors.  Counseling sessions can be safer if doors are left open and parents should always stay vigilant to activities where a professional is requesting a young patient to keep secrets.  Actions that can decrease dangers to children during office visits include:

  • Advocates who inform children from all home settings of their right to report any allegations of abuse, or harm.
  • Minors should always be protected by the availability of a staff member being present in a room where examinations are performed.
  • Minor patients should always have their information shared with parents and guardians who are offering care, unless there is a risk that has been determined, in which case the health car provider has an obligation to report potential abuse, or harm to the state authorities.

Hire a lawyer.

Seek legal counsel from an experienced professional attorney who understands childcare harm laws and how to support a case for damages when a child becomes a victim. They will adhere to Texas statute of limitations for personal injury actions and initiate legal claims within that two year timeline from the date an injury occurred.  The Cooper Law Firm has the resources to move forward to a proper settlement that is unique to each child abuse harm case.

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