Odessa, TX – Workplaces have various policies when it comes to dating between coworkers. Some sexual harassment policies also have overlap with the type of dating and relationships that may be forbidden by an employer. Private sector companies can set their own regulations in this regard, however, certain managers and employees are not allowed to try to date their coworkers if their behavior becomes harassment. 

Workplaces and dating policies

Businesses have typically forbidden dating between management and their subordinates out of fears of certain problems. These can include a conflict of interest, sexual harassment, and the appearance of improprieties in terms of promotions, raises, and payment. If supervising employees start asking their workers out on dates or pursuing other kinds of romantic or sexual relationships, these problems can quickly become real. Other co workers usually notice these issues quickly, and they will likely be upset that their supervisor is engaging in favoritism with one other person at their expense. 

Banning dating altogether

Some workplaces have avoided these problems by attempting to ban dating entirely between any workers within the company. However, there are some laws that protect workers in various jurisdictions from blanket policies that forbid workplace relationships. As a response, some places have even required their workers to sign an agreement if they are dating which says that their personal relationship will not interfere with their workplace duties. Employers may also tell the workers who are romantically involved to review the company’s sexual harassment policy to ensure that it is not violated. 

Enforcement problems

Some workplaces choose to only enforce sexual harassment policies instead of dating policies for a number of reasons. It often seems unfair to punish a subordinate instead of their supervisor due to unequal bargaining power within the company. A sexual harassment policy is often more detailed and clear, and these rules only need to be enforced if there is a clear violation of the rules through inappropriate behavior. This tends to make dating policies a moot point, as workers can choose to associate however they wish as long as the harassment policy is not violated. 

Training and documents

Regardless of what kind of harassment and dating policies an employer has in place, they should be clear to employees and in writing. This may mean regular training sessions, having the policies posted in the workplace, and allowing employees to review these policies if they have any questions. 

Odessa labor lawyers

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