An Alabama Teen’s Death: What Shocking Way Did the Family Find Out?

Cusseta, AL- As crusades continue on with images spreading all across social media platforms displaying many of the incidents that have recently transpired across the U.S., it appears one family received photos displayed on social media that they didn’t want to see. According to car accident lawyers nearby in Cusseta, Alabama, family members of David Smith, 15, and his girlfriend Autumn Thompson, 14, learned these two were involved in a tragic and deadly car crash on July 5, 2016 through images that were transmitted to their phones and shared for the world to see. shed light on the accident that recently occurred highlighting how important it is to always practice safety on the roadways, as well as instill it in your teens who are preparing to drive on their own.

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The accident involving 4 teens resulted in 2 tragic deaths.

According to reports released by investigators, there were four teens present in a 2013 Kia Soul, which was driven by Daniel Hornsby, 18. The four were traveling along County Road 299 in Cusseta when they “struck the guardrail at the Osanippa Creek Bridge.” Car crash lawyers local to you in Alabama note that the accident took place around 12:30 p.m., and it was highlighted in the report that Smith and Thompson were not wearing their safety belts. One of the teens was lucky enough to walk away from the fatal crash, however, they are being left unnamed during this time.


Car crash attorneys in Cusseta also point out that “the case will be presented to a grand jury to determine if charges need to be filed” by the parents of the two deceased teens. Perhaps once the investigation is finalized, they will have a better understanding of why this accident transpired, and whether “speeding or intoxicated driving were factors” that played a role in bringing upon these wrongful deaths.

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A family member to one of the deceased teens learned of his nephew’s death from photos shared on social media.

When a family loses a loved one, the hardship of overcoming this is never easily accomplished, especially if you learned your loved ones were killed through photos that were taken on the scene of the accident and then released. According to Casey Cunningham, the uncle of David Smith, he received a picture of his nephew’s “lifeless body” before he understood what had happened. shared a statement made by Cunningham where he said “That’s not how I wanted to find out.” He will forever be scarred by the horrific images that fill his thoughts of his deceased nephew.

While many turn to social media to share their thoughts, feelings, and as of lately, the mistreatments that have been imposed on them, sharing photos of a teen’s lifeless body after being involved in a car wreck may not be suitable for viewers to see.

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It is vital to instill the importance of practicing safety in your teen drivers.


Now, as these families work to get through this dismal time, Alabama auto accident lawyers remind you to always inform your teens who may be inexperienced and are attempting to drive, that safety is key, and engaging in any behavior that deters them away from that should be prohibited.

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