Dallas Cowboys Bus Involved in a Collision: Were Any Players Injured?

Flagstaff, Arizona car accident lawyers are here to inform residents and others who find themselves out on the roadways of a tragic auto collision that occurred last Sunday on an Arizona highway.

According to ABC 15 News, the collision that transpired involved a Dallas Cowboys bus that was traveling on State Route 93 near Pierce Ferry Road “carrying members of the franchise’s staff,” however, information has been withheld regarding how many individuals were actually present on the bus. The bus was heading to a “Dallas Cowboys fan event in Las Vegas” before the fatal tragedy struck.  As the bus made its way southbound on the highway, a van, which was heading northbound, attempted to turn left when the two vehicles collided with one another.

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Unfortunately, all the passengers in the van did not survive the auto accident.

Now, local car crash attorneys in Flagstaff, Arizona sadly report that those traveling in the van did not survive the horrific crash. But what caused this accident to occur and who was liable for this collision?

According to reports, “the van failed to yield the right-of-way stop sign” which led it to crash into the oncoming bus. The driver of the van was a 52-year-old man, and the passengers on board included two 52-year-old women and a 19-year old female. Flagstaff, Arizona auto accident lawyers highlight that all those riding in the van were all “Chinese National Citizens visiting the United States.” In a publication released by ESPN, it was also noted that the victims were all wearing their safety restraint belts, however, even that wasn’t enough to help save their lives as they crashed into the immense tour bus.

After the crash, Rich Dalrymple, who is a Dallas Cowboys spokesman sent out an email stating “All on the bus came through OK with some bumps and bruises,” and no actual players were present on the bus at the time of the accident. The news crew did send out their condolences to the surviving family members of the unfortunate victim’s, however, their names have yet to be released.

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It is vital that all drivers remain alert and attentive when out on the roadways.

Whether you are traveling out on the main road, down the street from your home, or on a major highway, it is important to always take necessary measures to ensure you and those traveling with you are safe, and that you are doing your part to keep them out of harm’s way. Distractions, being overly fatigued, or failing to pay attention to the roadway can cause a life to be taken, and although it is unclear as to what caused the driver of the van to fail to yield at the stop sign, this is a clear indicator that all drivers everywhere need to be on high alert and always attentive when behind the wheel of a vehicle.

If a loved one of yours is ever harmed in the midst of an auto accident or you find yourself injured, it is advisable you consult with a legal professional at a reputable car accident law firm in Flagstaff, Arizona to discuss what you may be entitled to receive for the damages inflicted.

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