Safer Roads: How Did One Fatal Accident Contribute?

There are many contributing factors that come into play when car crashes occur. For instance, the roads may have been uneven which ultimately led to a driver going off course, or a distracted motorist was texting on their cellphone when they veered off to the right and collided with another vehicle traveling alongside of them. But this story provided by has led to changes being made to one intersection where two people, three horses, and a dog were killed on scene after engaging in a car accident.

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Intersections are known to increase the chance of a car accident occurring.

Local car accident lawyers in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is a sister city to where the accident transpired, point out that after the crash occurred back on June 17th, the city of Casper has elected to make some minor modifications to the roadway where the wreck transpired that may make a significant impact and reduce the number of accidents from occurring. The fatal car collision took place on Wyoming 257 as Carol Plummer, 56, was driving her Jeep Liberty and failed to stop at an upcoming intersection. As a result, the Jeep was “struck by a westbound pickup towing a horse trailer.” Car crash lawyers in Cheyenne note that a commercial truck, which was being driven by George Rott, 48, crashed into the horse trailer.

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Two of the individuals unfortunately did not survive the accident which led to modifications being made nearby to the deadly intersection.

Unfortunately, Rott died on scene and while Plummer was transported to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, she did not survive from the injuries she sustained. A passenger in both the commercial truck and pickup were injured, however, they reportedly survived the accident and were treated for the harm inflicted upon them.

Now, as a result of this tragic car wreck, auto accident lawyers nearby to you in Wyoming highlight the changes that were recently made to the roadway that may contribute to safer travels. According to, while the “Casper community has been pushing for changes at this intersection,” it seems their pleads have been answered as the speed limit on this road was recently reduced from 65 MPH to 55 MPH.

Cheyenne car crash legal representatives also point out that rumble strips were added before approaching a stop sign at the intersection to help bring more awareness to a possible inattentive driver who fails to take notice that they are approaching an intersection and will need to stop.


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A local car accident lawyer in Wyoming has the potential to help you and your family seek justice.

While we hear of these accidents on a daily basis, it is always a plus to see a city take initiative in modifying their streets to help better prepare their drivers to avoid an accident from transpiring. And remember, if you or a loved one of yours becomes entangled in an accident, reach out to a skilled and experienced car collision lawyer nearby in Cheyenne, Wyoming who will be sure you receive the necessary compensation to cover all the damages you incurred from the accident. connects car accident victims with loyal and trustworthy car crash law firms all across the state of Wyoming and will gladly assist you in retaining an attorney who can get you the settlement you deserve.

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