Cedar Rapids, IA – When someone has been hurt in a serious motor vehicle accident, there are a number of reasons why they may miss work and lose out on income. Most of these problems stem from the fact that an individual who has chronic health issues may not be able to work as normal for months, years, or even the for the rest of their life. When this happens, an attorney for the victim can bring a civil case that attempts to receive compensation to replace these lost wages. 

Injuries that can result in disabilities

The impact of a car collision can have serious consequences if there are injuries to the brain, damage to the back and spine, or other major organs cannot function properly. Losses in productivity tied to these kinds of health problems often add up to thousands of dollars, or an individual’s entire salary if they can no longer work in their prior career. Some people may be limited to part time employment, or have to change careers if they require assistance for basic tasks or cannot move around normally. Aside from productivity and economic concerns, people with brain or back injuries can develop other serious complications that will cause them to require full time assistance and regular healthcare. This type of long term oversight is another expense, and many individuals and their families cannot afford to pay for these costs without financial help. 

Calculating damages for a settlement or jury verdict

A serious, life changing injury will allow the plaintiff’s attorney to argue for both economic and non-economic damages related to the collision. The economic damages may include the person’s entire salary multiplied by each year of lost future income if they cannot work at all. Accidents that totally take away a person’s earning potential tend to have the largest damage awards because of missed future opportunities calculated for each year left until retirement age. There are also non-economic damages available in these situations. The trauma tied to the accident, along with the mental health issues that can be caused by a drastic lifestyle change can all be quantified into non-economic damages. While the specific costs tied to any accident may be difficult to estimate, it is recommended that a victim who is thinking about bringing a civil case related to their injuries schedules a consultation and speaks with a lawyer. 

The process of filing a lawsuit with legal assistance

Anyone in the Cedar Rapids area who believes that they may need help from an attorney should contact an experienced local firm. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices assist local clients with their years of knowledge and experience in the field of personal injury law.  

Firm contact info: 

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices

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