Police responded to the scene of an accident just outside of Cedar Rapids in Linn County, Iowa.

Van rolls into a ditch near Highway 13 

At just before 5:00 pm, police received an emergency call about a vehicle rollover at the intersections of Highway 13 and Martin Creek Road, northeast of Cedar Rapids. When rescue crews arrived at the scene, they found a van with a trailer attached that appeared to have rolled over and went into a ditch on the west side of the road. 

The van was being operated by a 40 year old male from Marion, Iowa. He was going southbound on Highway 13, and claims that a tractor trailer was merging into his lane and ran him off of the road. The semi was driven by a male from Wisconsin, but the two vehicles never collided during the incident. The van driver was sent to a local hospital for treatment  with pain and minor injuries. The driver of the semi truck was unharmed. Both men were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident. 

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office said that they plan to conduct a full investigation.

Truck accidents and evidence of negligence

Trucking companies are involved in many serious accidents. This is partially due to the fact that their drivers must spend long hours on the road, and it is difficult to maintain concentration on the roads for hours or days at a time. There are also strict regulations and licensing requirements regarding who can operate these vehicles and how long they can stay on the road each day. Violations of these laws can cause the business to be fined, or they may be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit against the owner of the vehicle. 

Damages caused by trucking companies

After a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle has caused injuries or damage, it is important to retain a personal injury lawyer. When you first meet with an attorney, you can provide documentation such as an accident report, medical and hospital bills, and any other expenses that are tied to the collision. Lawyers who bring these kinds of civil cases will use this evidence to argue that the victim should be compensated appropriately. In serious accidents, there may be additional damages related to emotional pain and suffering, especially if the victim has a reduced quality of life due to their injuries. A lawsuit can be brought even if there is a relevant insurance policy active at the time. 

Get legal advice after a serious accident

If you have been involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, it is recommended to get help from a licensed attorney in your area. To speak with a lawyer in Cedar Rapids, contact:

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