Cedar Rapids driver is seriously hurt after his car goes into a concrete wall

A simple error on the roads can end up changing someone’s life in an instant. When an accident happens, it is important to get legal assistance as soon as possible. 

Police responded to a car crash in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where one person was injured.

Young male driver is taken to hospital with serious injuries

The crash happened right near Kirkwood Community College’s recreation center early on a Sunday morning. Cedar Rapids Police received an emergency call about a collision that happened on campus at the Michael J. Gould recreation center, near the intersections of 66th Street Southwest and Kirkwood Boulevard Southwest. When emergency crews arrived, they found one vehicle had gone into a concrete wall with a transformer nearby. 

The driver of the lone vehicle was a 21 year old male who had to be forcefully extracted from the vehicle by medical personnel. Workers on the scene noticed that his injuries were serious, and he was transported to Unity Point St. Luke’s Hospital immediately. 

Reports from the scene showed significant damage to the vehicle’s front end. There will be a full scale investigation by local police to determine what caused the car crash.

Injuries and car accidents

As this news story shows, motor vehicle accidents can cause life changing injuries. In addition to a decreased quality of life, victims also have to deal with significant and possibly permanent medical expenses for treatment and continued care. One of the only realistic ways for most victims to afford these expenses is through a civil negligence lawsuit that holds the driver or business responsible for the injuries accountable. 

Figuring out the total amount of damages

One of the most important things a civil accident attorney does is to calculate exactly how much money a victim is owed. This is usually the sum of all losses related to property damage, medical treatment and hospitalization, lost wages, and even non-economic damages tied to emotional pain and suffering. After severe accidents, these amounts can easily equal thousands or millions of dollars. 

The plaintiff’s attorney may look at medical records, insurance claims, and other forms of evidence to determine the total value of their client’s case. This amount is mentioned in the initial pleading that the lawyer will file in the local court to begin the lawsuit. If the parties can agree on this amount of something close to it by the trial date, the case may end with a settlement agreement. 

Learn more about how to get help after an accident  

Local attorneys in the Cedar Rapids area can serve injured clients throughout the state of Iowa. To find out how to file a civil lawsuit, contact:

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