Even though millions of people in the country drive every day without issue, car accidents are one of the most common sources of injury and death in the United States. After an accident, anyone involved will have to deal with a combination of medical problems, property damage, and injuries that can all cost money. Lawyers who focus on this area of the law are the best way for an average driver to receive financial help for all of these unforeseen costs.  

Multiple cars collide on I-380 in Cedar Rapids

An early morning crash on Interstate 380 in Cedar Rapids Iowa sent multiple victims to the hospital. 

Police believe that a cluster of cars was near the Diagonal Drive Southwest intersection when several of them collided into each other for unknown reasons. 

Law enforcement had to forcefully extract one victim from a flipped over car on the scene. This person was taken to Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. Another victim from the same car was brought to the University of Iowa hospital for treatment. Traffic in the area was backed up for several hours, and workers in their area attempted to redirect traffic as drivers were warned to avoid the area by local news and social media accounts. Photos from the accident scene showed one of the vehicles that ended up on its side next to a guard rail.  

What kinds of injuries can result after an accident?

In the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle collision, it is important to receive an examination by a medical professional or chiropractor. Some common problems such as chronic back pain may not emerge immediately after the incident. Serious accidents can permanently affect a person’s ability to work or function normally if they have limited mobility. Depending on the nature of your particular injury, it will be possible to prove your specific damages through medical records and treatment costs.

How will the injuries factor into damages? 

Damages are the legal term for losses and costs that can be traced back to the time of the accident. Things like medical treatment and lost wages are some of the most common kinds of damages that attorneys try to get on their client’s behalf. The combined value of all of these losses can be substantial after a serious accident, especially when a person is permanently injured and has their quality of life and earning potential affected. Attorneys can also argue for non-economic damages that are meant to cover the victim’s emotional pain and suffering. 

Get help after a car crash in Cedar Rapids

To find out more about how you should proceed after a motor vehicle accident and receive a free case evaluation, contact:

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