A crash on Interstate 380 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that involved multiple vehicles was caught on cameras in the area.

Multiple cars fail to yield for disabled vehicle

The main piece of evidence used to reconstruct the crash was a dash camera from a police car that filmed most of the incident. The three cars that were mainly responsible for the accident were all given citations for failure to move over. The collision caused significant delays for the Tuesday morning commute, and at least one person was injured. 

The Cedar Rapids Police squad car shows a disabled vehicle next to the H avenue exit. The driver and a local Highway Helper were on the scene and changing a tire. Suddenly, brakes are heard squealing in the background and the squad car sustains an impact from another vehicle from behind. The officer is heard reporting the accident from his radio, and then a short time later a white sedan and a dark colored SUV crash into each other in front of the squad car. The officer is heard telling the dispatcher that the interstate is now blocked by multiple accidents. He also asked for the fire department to respond, as one of the vehicles was smoking and there were concerns about an ignition that could catch onto several vehicles. 

Another camera that was placed near the Avenue H exit by the local department of transportation shows that the disabled vehicles were clearly marked by traffic cones and emergency lights before the initial collision happened. First responders transported the officer who was in the car to a local hospital for treatment, but he was released shortly afterward. There was no specific information about injuries to any other drivers at the time of the news report. 

The Iowa Department of Transportation will be reviewing the footage further and conducting a full investigation. 

Car accident cases and losses

Automobile accidents are a routine part of life in Cedar Rapids and most other cities around the country. In situations where there is only minor damage, it is usually possible to simply file an insurance claim. However, when a driver or passenger is seriously hurt, they may need to take additional measures to receive payments for their injuries and missed time from work. 

Civil lawsuits and damages

The types of civil cases that follow car accidents allow a victim to add up all of their losses and collect an amount that will pay for medical treatment and hospitalization. Other losses for things like pain and suffering caused by the driver at fault can be added as well. The legal term for the sum of these amounts is damages. 

Local lawyers will help with your personal injury case

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