A fatal crash occurred in Polk County, FL that left the driver of a passenger vehicle dead. The truck collision transpired on June 15th, during the early morning hours on SR 60 and Bonnie Mine Rd. The Daily Ridge reported that a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu heading eastbound was first struck on the rear by a rock-hauler trailer being driven by 43-year-old Jose Ramos of Riverview.
Things spiraled out of control from there.
After the truck collided with the back of the Malibu, it caused the vehicle to turn sideways. The truck then struck the car again, this time, on the driver’s side. The Malibu was being driven by 35-year-old James Everitt and his passenger was identified as Kelly Kersey, 34. Sadly, when emergency responders arrived on the scene, they determined Everitt had not survived the crash. His passenger, Kersey, suffered internal injuries as well as sustained injuries to her leg and was said to be in critical, but stable condition. She was transported by helicopter to the hospital. Ramos, who was behind the wheel of the truck, suffered minor injuries.
Although officials did not file any criminal charges, the source indicated that civil citations may still be issued.

Tractor Trailer and Nissan Sentra Collide in Polk County

Another major truck collision occurred in Polk County at the end of May that resulted in a tractor-trailer leaning on its side and onto a Nissan Sentra. While the photos of the accident look as though someone may have sustained some serious or even fatal injuries, surprisingly, both drivers walked away with only minor injuries. The accident occurred near the U.S. 17-92 exit ramp on U.S. 27 south, according to Patch.com.
According to the source, Leeana Marie Porta, 22, was traveling in her Sentra when she decided to change lanes in front of a tractor-trailer truck being driven by Pierre Absalon, 45, of Winter Haven. The truck collided with the passenger vehicle car and both vehicles left the road and crashed into the guardrail. The truck then overturned on top of the Sentra. As mentioned, both drivers only sustained minor injuries but were still transported to Heart of Florida for treatment.
While you can turn to your insurance company for compensation after an accident, truck accident lawyers are the professionals who can fight for the maximum compensation your injuries and damage are actually worth.
Being involved in an accident such as the one described above is not only frightening but also eye-opening. As tragic as these crashes are, they help shed light on what is causing so many collisions to occur and provides others with tips on what to do to avoid a similar accident in the future.
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