Chicago, Illinois, 60-Year-Old Man Dies Two Weeks After A Hit and Run Accident

In Chicago, every driver who gets into an accident is required to stop and ensure the other driver and passengers are okay. If any injuries arise or if any of the involved vehicles were severely damaged due to the accident, drivers are required to go the extra step and report the accident to relevant authorities. If a driver does the unthinkable and drives away after hitting someone else with their vehicle, they are liable to face strenuous penalties by the law.

On March 9th, 2020 a 60-year-old man by the name of Michael Cotton was crossing the street when he was hit by a vehicle traveling westbound. The vehicle did not stop after hitting the elderly man but kept on going as if absolutely nothing had happened. Cotton was able to secure medical help and after two weeks of suffering on a hospital bed he passed away. An autopsy done on his body confirmed that it was the injuries that resulted from the accident that caused his death.

The Chicago Police Department has the accident unit looking into the case to determine who the driver was and how the family members can be compensated for their untimely and unfortunate loss. When the guilty individual is found he will most likely be charged with a hit and run, and he may be charged with other offenses, such as violating traffic rules or driving while intoxicated. However, this can only be confirmed when the driver is found, and a proper investigation is conducted to determine what actually took place on March 9th.

What should I do after getting into a car accident in Chicago?


When a person gets into a car accident they should immediately ensure they secure a meeting with a qualified accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. A lawyer can guide them on the best legal route to pursue to get compensated for their losses or to have their charges reduced depending on their case.

No matter how much of a hurry a person is in, they should never just ignore a collision and continue driving. Doing so could result in a serious hit and run charge against the person, especially if the other driver, passenger, or pedestrians affected suffered any injuries or damages due to the accident. After getting into an accident a person should immediately pull over to a safe location and exchange contact information with the other individuals involved.

Drivers often tend to ignore small collisions completely, but this is not a very smart move to make. Even if the accident was small, it may have caused internal damage to one’s vehicle or it may have caused injuries that will only become apparent after a few days or even weeks. If individuals did feel a significant impact, they should get medically checked up and have their vehicle looked at immediately. If any problem does arise, later on, they can then easily contact the other driver and their attorney to begin the process of seeking legal compensation.

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