When an employee working for Ecodirect Laundry, which is an industrial laundry company, realized the washer and dryer had stopped working in the facility, the last thing he/she expected to find was her co-worker trapped in between two machines.
It was Tuesday, May 8tharound 10:41 p.m. when Niles fire and police personnel were called to Ecodirect Laundry located at 6977 N. Austin Ave. They had been informed that a man had gotten stuck in a conveyor belt used for wet laundry. When officials arrived at the facility, they found 42-year-old Pascual Gonzalez-Hernandez of Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood stuck between a dryer and a conveyor in the main dryer area of the business, according to Patch.com.
Niles Fire Department paramedics “were unable to find any signs of life” and it was shortly after 11:00 p.m. when the Cook County medical examiner’s office declared Gonzalez-Hernandez dead. An autopsy that was conducted found that he had died as a result of head injuries and ruled his death an accident.

What could have caused Gonzalez-Hernandez to get stuck between the two machines?

Police interviewed some of the employees that had been working that same evening and they informed officials that they had not seen Gonzalez-Hernandez since about 9:30 p.m. A surveillance video that had been recovered by police showed Gonzalez-Hernandez working alone around 9:56 p.m., trying to remove a towel that was hanging from a dryer in front of the conveyor mechanism. The video also showed the system moving upward and then stopping. This is when police believe Gonzalez-Hernandez became stuck in the conveyor system and the dryer.
As mentioned above, after an employee found that the washer and dryer had stopped working about 30 minutes later, they went to check on the machines and that is when came across Gonzalez-Hernandez’s body. Officials said that all of the evidence at the scene of the incident indicated that his death was an accident, however, they were waiting for toxicology results from the medical examiner’s office to determine if Gonzalez-Hernandez may have had any alcohol or drugs in his system. The medical examiner’s office also determined that the employee had suffered craniocerebral injuries, which resulted in his death.
Losing a friend or family member in a work-related accident is difficult. We never expect that these types of accidents will occur, however, they do more frequently than you might think.
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