Children and adults who rely on the school bus or city bus know that missing the bus can really put a damper on your day. But, if you happen to arrive at your bus stop too late or the bus is in the process of pulling off, the worst thing you can do is chase it or attempt to convince the driver to open the doors as it is the process of driving away from the bus stop. One Chicago man learned the risks associated with doing this after he tried to catch a CTA bus as it pulled away.
The Chicago Tribune reported that on Sunday, July 1st, a 60-year-old man apparently tried to catch the CTA bus that had just pulled away from the curb on the 6300 block of South Western Avenue around 11:00 a.m. He began knocking on the window to get the bus driver’s attention, but the driver continued on. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to notify the bus driver that he wanted to climb aboard, he tripped and fell and was then run over by one of the back wheels. It wasn’t until a passenger on board the bus notified the driver that a man was taken down and that is when he pulled over near 59thStreet.
Aside from one of the rider’s seeing that someone had just been taken down, a woman also a witnessed the accident told the source that she had just finished work and “took her usual commute home on the No. 49 bus.” She said she had just exited the bus when the 60-year-old was attempting to get on. She said she saw the entire incident play out and “immediately fell to her knees” after seeing him get run over. She said she went over to him, put her hand on his shoulder, and called 911. When police and emergency medics arrived at the scene, they placed him on a gurney to transport him to the University of Chicago. The man was said to be in stable condition at that time.
The witness also told the source that the man’s arm had been crushed and “flopped like rubber.” She was extremely traumatized by the incident but said that she sees people on a consistent basis attempting to chase the bus and recognizes how dangerous it is to do this.

Here’s why bus riders should never chase the bus.

While it understandable that a bus rider might be inclined to catch a bus or flag down a driver so that they can pull over and let them on board, the truth is, this is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Bus drivers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, including focusing on the roadway and keeping the passengers they have on board safe. That means that when they are in the process of pulling away from a bus stop, not always will they be looking for riders who might be chasing the bus but how they can merge back into traffic safely.
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Therefore, instead of putting your life at risk, remember, there is always another bus that will come or other forms of transportation you can take advantage of. Now, if you have been injured in a CTA bus accident in Chicago, IL and feel the driver behaved negligently which contributed to the accident occurring, you may have a viable personal injury claim on your hands. The best way to determine this is with the help of a Chicago, IL bus accident lawyer. So, if you would like the opportunity to sit down with a bus crash attorney to discuss what your next steps are or if you are entitled to collect compensation for your injuries, contact and we will connect you with some of the best lawyers in the field.

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