I Have a Child Custody Hearing Coming Up: What Should I Expect?

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When a couple elects to get a divorce, one of the main concerns then becomes, who gets custody of the children? Unfortunately, this decision isn’t easily made as both parents aren’t that quick to relinquish their rights as a parent and give up their children. Therefore, a custody battle has the potential to develop. And while many individuals dread having to go through a custody battle, or appear in court to settle the matter, child custody attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are here to shed some light on what you should expect during the child custody proceedings to help you feel a little more prepared.

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Most child custody cases are heard in a much smaller, and more private courtroom.

Going inside of a courtroom is rather intimidating, especially when you know you are fighting for your time with your children. Our kids are the most precious people in our lives and we often can’t imagine what life would be like without them. Sadly, when a relationship fails or simply doesn’t work out, the time with your children must either be divided, or someone is given sole custody of the child. So, if you have an upcoming child custody proceeding and you aren’t sure what to expect, About Parenting has some news for you.


The first thing to be mindful of is that your court hearing will usually be held in a smaller courtroom, and with less people. Although this may help ease your nerves, be sure you have a well-versed Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyer working beside you who is able to speak on your behalf to help stress the demands you wish to receive pertaining to who gets custody of your child, or children.

While you may think your case will go on for hours as you have a significant amount of information to cover, child custody attorneys in Florida note that judges, mediators, and custody adjudicators have other cases they have to here and aren’t going to spend endless hours only on yours, that is unless it is required as you and your child’s other parent cannot come to terms on how your time should be split with your children.

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Parents, children, and other witnesses are able to speak at a child custody hearing.

Another thing to be prepared for is who will be given the opportunity to speak. Both parents are going to have the opportunity to present their opinions on who their child is better off being raised by along with the experiences they have encountered with their children that could help support their reasoning for why they should receive full custody. Children and other witnesses will also be given the chance to speak as well.

While you may be preparing for what you want to say and how to handle this sort of situation, remember, having a reputable lawyer who specializes in child custody law working with you can truly make a difference in the outcome of your case. King Lindsey P.A. Law Offices can help you throughout this process, prepare you for court hearings, and help gather any important information that will help you win your custody battle. The child custody attorneys here at King Lindsey P.A. are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and can be reached at 954.867.6518.

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