Why Has This Father Been Fighting for Custody of His Son for 3 Years?

When a child is brought into this world, there is not doubt that many aspects of our lives change. But when a child is born, and the parents are either separated, “working-things-out,” or simply divorced, things tend to become complicated as one parent may have their own perspective on how the child should be raised compared to that of the other parent. But, child custody legal representatives in Birmingham, AL acknowledge that state laws prove that both parents should have a say in how their child is going to brought up, and by whom. Sadly, the Huffington Post has identified one father who has been fighting, and continues to do so for the rights he was deprived of when his second son was born and his ex-wife who he still had relations with, lied to him, informing him their second child had died during childbirth.

Child custody attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama note that this case has been going on for three years now, and began sometime back in 2013 when Xander Williams’s son, was born. Daniel Williams shared his story of this horrifying battle he is now facing to help shed light on the many ways he was deprived of his parenting rights, and can only hope that justice is served.

photodune 3550202 birth xs 300x200 Why Has This Father Been Fighting for Custody of His Son for 3 Years?
Williams’ ex-wife informed him his son didn’t survive birth, however, this wasn’t true.

Going back, to better understand how all of this developed, Williams married his former wife back in 2011. They had their first son that same year. According to Williams, his wife’s parents along with many other family members urged his wife to leave him and file for divorce. She eventually did, however, their relations continued on despite their divorce decree. His ex-wife at the time did wind up pregnant, and while Williams was out of town working, he wasn’t present for their son’s birth. Birmingham child custody lawyers point out that his ex-wife spoke with him two days after the birth claiming an overdose of Pitocin caused the baby to die during delivery.


Williams soon learned that this falsified story was just that when he received a phone call from a DHR worker asking whether he was comfortable with having his son placed up for adoption. That is when Williams learned his son had lived, and the death certificate along with the fabricated story his ex-wife gave was all fake.

photodune 1256740 court of appeals courtroom 3 xs 300x200 Why Has This Father Been Fighting for Custody of His Son for 3 Years?
Daniel Williams is prepared to go to the US Supreme Court if he doesn’t obtain custody of his son.

Now, Daniel Williams is determined to regain custody of Xander, the child he had been told did not survive. However, the legal battle that has arisen evolved from the adopting parents who want to retain custody of Xander even though his biological father was never informed of his own child’s birth. Williams has had his child custody battled heard before the Mobile County Alabama Probate Court, the Court of Appeals, the Alabama Supreme Court, and intends on taking it to the US Supreme Court if it doesn’t get resolved before then.

In any situation involving a child custody battle, it is important that you always have an experienced Alabama child custody attorney working alongside of you who can help build a solid case and get you the outcome you and your child deserve.

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