Clayton Missouri area workers may be entitled to more workers compensation if they were injured or became sick while on the job

A bill proposed in Missouri was designed to help firefighters and other high risk occupations in the St. Louis area collect workers compensation money after being injured on the job.

Firefighters are dying from cancer and other health problems caused by exposure to carcinogens

After four city of St. Louis firefighters died from cancer within a year, Missouri’s governor announced that there must be a link between fumes, chemicals, smoke, and other dangerous things that firefighters are exposed to on the job and their declining health. Proposed changes in the law would allow additional workers compensation for these firefighters and others diagnosed with cancer if it was caused by their occupation in some way. Two widows of deceased firefighters have already announced their support of the governor’s actions and the new law. They remembered how dedicated their husbands were to their careers and keeping the community safe.

Despite their dedication, neither man died of burns or other typical work related injuries from battling fires for a living. One of the men in question died from a rare form of cancer called lymphoma. The governor’s office later admitted that there is scientific data to suggest a link between certain chemicals, smoke inhalation, and cancer. Research has shown that they are more likely to develop mesothelioma, lymphoma, and a number of other serious health problems, in addition to the risks of being physically injured while fighting a fire. Smoke and fumes inhaled by firefighters may also contain toxic traces of asbestos as well. 

Due to these findings, the proposed law will attempt to classify exposure to carcinogens that results in health problems as a type of injury covered by workers compensation. Other states have passed similar legislation in recent years after widows of deceased firefighters were left in dire financial situations. 

Starting a workers compensation claim

When someone is hurt at work in any kind of accident, they have a legal right to be paid for their missed time as long as the damage occurred while they were performing their normal job duties. In fact, most employers are required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance so that they will be able to pay out these claims if necessary. 

It is important to get legal help during this process for a number of different reasons. The claim process is somewhat confusing in most states. Also, employers will often try to offer a settlement that will actually pay less than the regular workers compensation claims. 

Talk to an injury lawyer in your area

There are attorneys in Clayton and nearby parts of Missouri who can assist you after an injury, or during the workers compensation claim process. To get help, contact Kruse Law, LLC for a free consultation. 

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