Despite much controversy, The Red Flag Bill was finalized in Colorado around the springtime of 2019. The main purpose of this law is to decrease crime rates and to remove the use of firearms from those who have a risk of acting dangerously towards themselves or to those around them.

This law is also known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order and it gives the law permission to temporarily confiscate a person’s firearms if their friends, roommates, or family members complain against their threat of misusing it.

There has been quite a major backlash from the community as everyone believes they have a right to keep firearms in order to protect themselves. Even police officers and sheriffs are stating that they refuse to enforce a law that clearly goes against a person’s constitutional rights to protect themselves. The government retaliated back by emphasizing how many lives could be lost if an unstable person is permitted to continue carrying a weapon.

Despite the extreme amount of opposition, it wasn’t just Colorado that passed this law, there are 14 other states who are following suit and passing laws to reduce the amount of gun violence their communities are subjected to.

What are the gun laws in Colorado?

In order to purchase a weapon in Colorado, a person must fit three criteria. They must be a resident, they must pass a CBI background check, and they are required to be over the age of 21. These precautions help to reduce the risk of the weapon landing in the wrong hands at the wrong time. If a person is of age and a resident of Colorado but they fail to pass their background check, they will not be allowed to purchase the weapon.  Convicted felons, fugitives, undocumented aliens, and those guilty of domestic abuse can all be turned down from purchasing a weapon.

A store owner can also refuse to sell a weapon to someone who looks drunk, smells of alcohol, smells of drugs, or seems to be under the influence of some form of intoxication. Not only that, but residents of Colorado are also not allowed to carry a concealed handgun unless they have a CCW permit. A person who is caught carrying a concealed handgun can face serious penalties such as 3-12 months in jail and a fine of $250-$1000.

These are some strict guidelines, and it is understandable why the people of Colorado were against a further tightening of laws involving weapons. However, it is important to note that the fairly new laws on gun regulation do not take away the right of a person to own a gun in Colorado. They simply allow that one’s weapon can be confiscated if those who live around them fear the individual will misuse their weapon. Gun violence is fairly rampant across the state and these new rulings have been put forward in order to try and reduce the number of unnecessary deaths that occur due to personal weapon misuse on a yearly basis.


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