Columbia South Carolina driver and passenger killed by a pickup truck at an intersection

A fatal accident in Columbia, South Carolina resulted in the deaths of two people. 

Deadly crash at Bluff Road intersection

Police released a report that identified the victims and summarized the facts surrounding the collision two days later. The incident happened at the 1300 block of Bluff Road at 8:50am on a Monday morning. 

The two victims were driving a four door Honda vehicle towards the stop sign at the intersections of Eden Street and Bluff Road. Police believe that they went straight through the intersection without stopping and were hit on the driver’s side by a 2015 Dodge Ram pickup truck which was going eastbound at the intersection. This impact pushed the Honda into a third vehicle that was nearby. 

One of the occupants of the Honda was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency crews. The other was taken to Prisma Health Richland by local EMS workers, but that victim later died at the hospital as well. The victims were identified as a 33 year old male and a 46 year old male, both from different parts of Columbia. 

The South Carolina Highway Patrol will conduct a full investigation, and the Richland County Coroner’s Office is also coordinating with law enforcement. No specific information was released about the drivers of the other vehicles, but they did survive the accident.   

Accidents involving trucks

When a truck that is used for commercial purposes collides with a smaller vehicle, the results are often catastrophic. As this news report shows, passengers in a car will often suffer from more extensive injuries or even die when a large truck strikes them. Both federal and local governments have attempted to minimize the possibility of injuries and property damage by regulating licensing requirements for drivers and weight requirements for vehicles, but injuries do still happen. 

Depending on the specifics of the accident, the truck driver or the owner of the business that uses the truck may be named in a civil lawsuit. These injury cases are meant to compensate the victims. or their families in situations where death is involved.

Personal injury lawyers

Attorneys who handle personal injury cases advocate on behalf of an injured or deceased person to help them recover costs and losses associated with the accident. The legal term for these losses is damages. The plaintiff’s lawyer adds up the total losses from medical expenses, lost wages, and other problems and attempts to get this amount through a settlement agreement of a jury verdict after a trial. Experienced lawyers in this practice area know how to persuade a jury or negotiate for the best result for their clients. 

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