Common tasks of a business law attorney for corporate set-up in Orlando Florida?

Florida – December 8, 2021

When an individual or group decides to set up a formal corporation in the State of Florida, it may be prudent for them to hire a skilled business law attorney to go over legal requirements and draft focused corporate documents specific to the business mission. The initial corporate paperwork can be simple at the outset, and re-visited as the business grows regarding restructures.

Corporate start-up.

New business entities must go through legal processes to start a corporation.  An attorney can be helpful in setting up activities that will make a business entity legal in the State of Florida.

Naming a corporation. Filing a request for the name you wish.  A name search is necessary before submitting documents and should not be assumed by the business until a formal acknowledgement is sent from the Division of Corporations.

Drafting articles of incorporation.  An attorney can assist with the creation of this document that includes:

    • a principal office or street address for the business,
    • a mailing address if different from street address,
    • choosing a registered agent and supplying their name and address who will be the person responsible on behalf of the business who has a physical address not a P.O. Box,
    • a signature on the proper form for the registered agent accepting obligations of Florida S 617.0501,
    • a specific purpose for the corporation such as “community support,”
    • choosing a governing body for the corporation and how they will be elected,
    • drafting by-laws which will state how the company will be run,
    • choosing an effective date of the corporation which will require annual renewal documents with the State, and
    • providing signatures of all responsible parties to the corporation.

Applying for a DBA or Fictitious Name assignment if necessary.

Setting up tax structures to make filing of returns focused, legal and easy.

Seek legal counsel.

When corporations are set up, or restructured, documents need to be drafted with the assistance of legal professionals to protect the interests of business owners and corporate governance.  In addition, It is wise to seek the assistance of an experienced business attorney to prepare and review business contracts that safeguard a business from negative consequences, enable its smooth operation, and support legal action when it is required to correct disputes.  Contact the attorneys at Legal Counsel, P.A. for guidance on your proposed business contract documents, either for review or preparation.

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