The popular Netflix show “Tiger King” – which was originally released March 2020 – April 12, 2020, sparked controversies and conversations ranging from criticism by animal rights activists to colorful murder theories. Today, one of its stars continues to make headlines.

A captivating seven-part series based on real-life footage, “Tiger King” was the most-watched show on Netflix during the last week of March, and the plot only thickens.

Florida law enforcement has confirmed that the will of Carole Baskin’s missing multimillionaire husband was forged.

Fans of “Tiger King” will know that Carole Baskin is an animal rights activist and founder of wildlife sanctuary Big Cat Rescue. The show portrays her binge-worthy battle against zoo owner Joe Exotic, who not only unleashes incriminating theories about her but also plans her murder.

In the show, Joe Exotic makes it clear that he thinks Baskin murdered her second husband – multimillionaire Don Lewis – in the 1990s.

While the show raised suspicions among viewers, real-life investigations were being made off-screen.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told WTSP that law enforcement knew about the forgery for some time but recently had two experts confirm it. It appears that the forged signature was taken from Lewis’ marriage record.

Don Lewis was a multimillionaire who co-owned Big Cat Rescue with Baskin in Tampa, Florida.

According to the New York Post, Lewis vanished without a trace in the summer of 1997.

Lewis was never found, and neither was any concrete evidence that could explain his mysterious disappearance. It is believed that Baskin was the last person to see him alive. Lewis was declared legally dead in 2002, at which point it was possible for Baskin to inherit his sizable estate.

Just as “Tiger King” inspired theories that Baskin had something to do with her husband’s disappearance, similar suspicions are popping up throughout major news outlets today. Surfacing among the suspicions is the information that Lewis’ family has challenged the validity of the estate documents ever since Lewis disappeared.

“Tiger King” fans followed the wild journey of Joe Exotic until the final episode presented him in jail, where he is currently serving a 22-year sentence for a murder-for-hire plan targetting Baskin, in addition to over 12 wildlife violations that include the killing of five tigers.

It seems that Joe Exotic’s fate is sealed, but we’re left wondering: what will become of Carole Baskin?

Florida’s five-year statute of limitations on forgery has expired, meaning that Baskin can’t face charges for forgery. She repeatedly denies having any involvement in her husband’s disappearance, choosing only to state that her husband’s mental health had been deteriorating before the disappearance and that their marriage had the normal ups and downs of any relationship. In a statement published by Big Cat Rescue, she also says that she did everything she could to assist law enforcement in tracking down Lewis after his disappearance.

Recently, CNN reported that Baskin was awarded the zoo once owned by Joe Exotic.

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