There is no doubt that the field of construction carries a lot of risk with it. In 2016, 991 construction workers were killed in accidents, many of which were attributed to falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, or caught in between equipment or objects [Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration]. On May 22, 2018, just a few weeks ago, a construction worker died after he fell 30-40 feet while working on a column for Sound Transit’s Eastside light-rail extension in Bellevue, according to The Seattle Times.
It was around 2:40 a.m. when the incident occurred at the construction site located at Highway 520 and 148thAvenue Northeast. Redmond Police, the Washington State Patrol agency, and even the Bellevue Fire Department all responded to the accident. Medics performed CPR on the worker prior to transporting him to Harborview Medical Center where he was declared dead.
The source stated that the construction worker had been preparing to guide a trackway girder into place, although the name and age of the victim has not yet been disclosed. However, the source did confirm that he was “a longtime employee and foreman with the agency’s contractor, Kiewit-Hoffman.” The workers that had been assigned to this construction site had been placing girders a few days before the tragic accident occurred and the work was said to be routine.
The following day after the tragic fall, the state Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) sent out five investigators to the site. Although the workers who were on the overnight shift were sent home, a spokesman for L&I said the department would be conducting interviews with them. Work was suspended at the site until an initial investigation could be conducted. Generally, after an accident occurs on a worksite, workers are given a day or two off to mourn and then undergo a safety meeting.
This was Sound Transit’s second construction death in the agency’s 21-year history.

“About 1,600 workers per year are hurt in falls.”

The Seattle Times highlighted that between 2010-2015, 63 deaths were recorded from falls. And in 2015, another Kiewit worker who was employed as a carpenter, died on Washington State’s Highway 520 while working on a bridge project. He fell 60 feet onto a concrete deck. After state investigators looked into the incident, they determined that the fall was attributed to a broken safety cable. Instead of saving the worker, which was its primary purpose, it broke and resulted in him falling to his death. Kiewit and partners received a fine for $14,400 for five safety violations after that accident.
If you are injured on the job, it is best you speak with an accident attorney in Seattle as they can help determine if anyone was at-fault for causing the accident and how much your injuries are worth.
Some work-related accidents are just that, an accident, while others are attributed to negligence. For instance, had Kiewit inspected the safety cables to ensure they were sturdy, that accident would have likely been prevented and the construction worker would still be alive today. This preventable incident is a prime example of why employees who are involved in a work accident or the loved ones who they are survived by are encouraged to contact an accident lawyer in Seattle, WA. Sometimes, the cause of the accident isn’t always obvious and the accident attorneys can place you in touch with can help determine this. If our lawyers are able to identify any liable parties, they can then help you take the appropriate legal action so that you are fairly compensated for your injuries or loss.

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