Construction Worker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Loses Arm in Elevator Accident

It was at the end of June when Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was called to a construction site located off NE 7th Street and 4th Avenue after learning that a construction worker had suffered a serious injury. According to Local 10, the 39-year-old worker was working on the 6th floor when he fell to the 5th floor and landed next to an elevator shaft. Unfortunately, the elevator was coming down at the same time and severed the man’s arm.

The news source says that some of the other workers present at the jobsite managed to pull him down to the ground floor where they were eventually met by paramedics who transported the man to Broward Health for treatment. Fire officials did say the man was alert while being taken to the hospital and would probably have to undergo surgery shortly after his arrival.

The news source highlighted that the injured worker was an employee of L&R Structural. After the unfortunate incident transpired, the executive VP, Juan Carlos Freyre issued this statement, “Safety is a top priority at every one of our projects. We will continue to monitor this situation and his condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this individual and his family.”


Falls are the Leading Cause of Death in Construction Industry


Falls are among some of the most common types of accidents that occur on construction worksites. Because a large percentage of construction jobs require employees to work from high elevations, the likelihood of someone falling is rather high. It is for this reason that employers are required to ensure that fall prevention tactics are being employed at all times.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers should be following these steps to help reduce the chances of an employee falling on a construction worksite:


  1. Plan ahead to get the job done safely.
  2. Provide the proper equipment. If harnesses or other types of safety equipment are needed to get the job done safely, employers should provide this to their workers. It is equally important that the equipment employers choose to use are free from defects and are safe to use.
  3. Ensure everyone working on the site is trained and knows how use the equipment safely.


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