Coral Springs, Florida, How can I avoid foreclosure?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ moratorium is scheduled to expire on September 1st, that is unless the order is extended again, which means many homeowners could be losing their homes if they cannot come up with a way to make their mortgage payments. If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure or your lender has already begun the foreclosure proceedings, Express Law is here to help. Although the foreclosure process does take time to complete, the ultimate goal of the lender is to get the homeowner evicted so they can sell the home and recoup their money.


Avoiding the Foreclosure Process


There are a few recommendations USA.gov provides on how to avoid foreclosure. But, of course, you should first consult with a skilled Coral Springs, FL foreclosure lawyer if you know your mortgage company will begin the foreclosure proceedings in the near future.


  1. The first recommendation USA.gov gives is to communicate with your lender. Once you recognize that you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, contact your lender and explain your financial situation. Right now, lenders may be more lenient toward borrowers as many have are out of work due to the COVID-19 virus. Upon speaking with your lender, they can decide if they are able to create a plan that would allow you to catch up on your missed payments and avoid the foreclosure process.


In the event your lender is unable to work with you to help avoid foreclosure, you are advised to connect with a foreclosure attorney in Coral Springs, FL as soon as possible.


  1. Contact the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program, which “provides free counselors for advice and assistance with keeping you in your home or getting out safely.” You can visit the MHA program’s website which provides helpful information or contact their hotline at 1-888-995-4673. For the past seven years, the MHA program says it has helped over 1.8 million families obtain mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. Although the program has limited the services it offers, it may be able to help you keep your home.


Get Connected with a Foreclosure Lawyer in Coral Springs Who is Eager to Assist You


If you would like to learn more about your rights as a borrower and how a Coral Springs, FL foreclosure lawyer can help you avoid losing your home to foreclosure, contact Express Law now at 561-449-2076. As daunting as the idea may be to lose your home, the place you go to for peace and comfort, there may be a way to prevent your lender from initiating the foreclosure proceedings.


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