Coral Springs, Florida, How Long is a Will Valid?

Given that you had a Florida estate planning lawyer with years of study, training, and experience help you to write it up, your will shall be valid up until the time you change it or revoke it.

A common question many people interested in the estate planning process ask is “how long will a will stay valid?” The truth is, a will is valid for as long it exists and shall only become active at the time of your death. When you decide to update your will, then the terms laid out in the initial document will no longer remain valid. Instead, the new set of terms you outlined in your updated will is what shall be referred to when you pass away. In the event you decide to revoke your will then the document would be considered invalid.


When would I need to update my will?


It is extremely important that you update your will every so often or when circumstances have changed. For example, let’s say you created your will prior to having children but now want to be sure certain assets are passed down to them. You would need to revisit your legal document and update who gets what and how those assets shall be distributed at the time of your death. It is always wise to have a Coral Springs, FL estate planning attorney help you update your will to ensure it is clear, concise, and follows state laws.

You might also consider updating your will when:


  • You divorce
  • You get married or remarry
  • Certain tax laws are amended
  • Someone in the family passes away
  • New assets are acquired


It is worth noting that just because your will remains “active” or “valid,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the terms listed in it will hold up when you pass, and it comes time for your executor to carry out your final wishes. You see, if you failed to hire a skilled estate planning attorney in Coral Springs, FL to write it up and ensure it conformed to your state’s laws, one or more provisions listed in it could be challenged or deemed invalid. When this happens, certain assets may end up in the wrong hands.

With that said, if you haven’t written up your will yet or it has been some time since you have reviewed your document, now would be a good time to contact Express Law. The Coral Springs, FL estate planning lawyers at Express Law would be happy to help you understand how to properly write up a will and will walk you through each step to ensure it makes sense and that nothing is left out.


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