An American man in his 70s who recently contracted the coronavirus died in EvergreenHealth hospital on Saturday. This happens to be the same hospital in which the first case of coronavirus was originally discovered in the United States. Most of the patients of this virus who reside in the United States are elderly individuals, but this does not mean that younger people are safe from contracting the virus. A new coronavirus case was just reported in New York who happened to be a woman in her late 30s. She contracted the disease while traveling in Iran and does not seem to be suffering any life-threatening or even very serious side effects.

It seems that the risk of serious respiratory complications is only for those who are older in age or who have underlying health conditions, so the younger generation is somewhat safe from the adverse effects of the virus. However, this does not mean that individuals should not take the necessary precaution to prevent the spread of this virus. It may not be fatally harming young people, but what it can do to one’s grandparents or already sick relatives should be more than enough to encourage individuals from following the appropriate protocol should they fear they have a risk of contracting the virus.

The fact the disease can spread so easily is worrying and that is why disease detectives always get on the case when a new coronavirus case is discovered. When a new case is discovered it is up to these trained professionals to identify those who had close contact with the infected individual and have them tested as they most probably contracted the virus from them. There is much concern spreading as recent cases were traced back to a nursing home, Life Care Center. Naturally, the virus spreading in a facility for seniors could have deadly consequences.

Is the risk of contracting coronavirus high in the United States?

The risk for contracting coronavirus is still relatively low despite the fast rate at which it seems to be spreading. Healthcare professionals and government bodies are doing everything in their power to control the spread of this virus and absolutely no exceptions are being made. It is necessary that individuals who fear they contracted the virus should get checked up immediately. If a person has come into contact with an individual who was tested positive for the coronavirus they should avoid going out in public and interacting with other individuals until they have been tested for the virus themselves.

Though most people are safe from the effects of the virus, and won’t suffer anything more than a common cold, the senior population, and those who are already sick may get hit a lot worse and the fact that there may not be a vaccine approved for public use for many months to come further increases the urgency to take preventative measures, even if they may seem a little extreme.

The virus is spreading faster than expected and out of the 88,443 cases that were confirmed on a global scale, around 3041 have led to death. Most of the fatalities have been in China, but more deaths continue to be reported in different countries around the world.

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