The Coronavirus has reached its deadliest point yet as of this weekend. Approximately 97 people died in China within the course of a day. The virus also claimed its first victim who was an American citizen. 

China’s head political leader, Xi Jinping, visited a number of areas that were affected by contagious outbreak. State run media sources reported that he was trying to see how efforts to contain the virus were working out. He initially checked a neighborhood and government office that are located just a few miles north of his own residence. He also held a video conference with leaders at a hospital in Wuhan, near where the incident started. Wuhan is several hundred miles from where Jinping normally stays. State news reported that he was concerned about the workers who are actively fighting the spread of the virus, and that he wanted to make sure that adequate supplies and resources were available.    

Jinping has remained relatively quiet recently, and only made a few appearances to the public since concerns about Coronavirus emerged. Wuhan and other cities within the Hubei Province have essentially been shut down since the outbreak was discovered. This is considered the largest public health challenge that the country’s communist government has faced since the SARS epidemic struck the nation about 17 years ago. 

Footage of the visit showed Jinping wearing a suit and a mask, but he apparently made no comments during the tour. State news claims that he was genuinely empathetic towards those affected by the virus. The local government in Beijing released a video of him waving to the public. He also received briefings from officials who had knowledge of their locale’s situation regarding the spread of Coronavirus. He concluded his tour by visiting a center for disease control in Chaoyang, which is one of the largest in Beijing. 

Cruise ship quarantined in Japan is the source of a number of new cases

Elsewhere in Asia, the virus continued to cause more problems over the weekend. 66 new cases of the virus were found on The Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined in Yokohama, Japan. This means that over 130 people on the ship are now confirmed to have the virus. Japan’s health ministry seems to be remaining relatively quiet regarding the possibility of an accident causing the virus to spread into their country. This one ship is the largest source of the virus outside of China, with almost 4000 people on board and the total number of cases now exceeding 100. Passengers who are still stuck on the ship are concerned that their risk of contracting the virus is increasing as they remain on board, and it is possible that everyone may be screened in the coming days. Up to this point, only the passengers considered to be most at risk were tested. Health officials in Japan have claimed that they simply do not have the resources to test everyone on board, but the country’s head health minister said that they may now have to find a way to do so.     

International efforts to stop Coronavirus

There were already measures in place in various parts of the world such as quarantines, travel restrictions, and immigration screenings to prevent the spread of the virus to other areas and nations. 

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