The city of Wuhan caused much worry and alarm when they retracted their statement saying they were to ease down on the lockdown the city was facing. Their new statement reversed this good news and made it clear they would still be taking extreme precautions to help prevent the spread of this virus across China, and even the globe.

The virus is not only causing deaths in China, but the death toll in Iran reached 12 and there is a serious concern that there may be a rapid spread of this virus across the Middle East. The death toll in Iran is the highest in any other country other than in China where it has killed over 2000 individuals and infected over 70,000.  South Korea has also been hit badly and there are roughly 800 cases being treated.

Research of the virus has shown that it will most probably kill every 1 in 50 people. This statistic implies that the infection rate in Iran is much higher than otherwise thought. Countries in the Middle East generally do not have enough control over their massive cities to conduct a proper quarantine or enforce a proper lockdown which is why the idea of the virus spreading in those areas is incredibly worrying. The border between Iran and Pakistan is pretty much uncontrollable and the fear of the virus spreading over is intense and will most likely become a reality in a short period of time.

China is taking serious precautionary measures to ensure nothing like this happens again. The top legislative body in China has put a ban on the consumption of wildlife until regulatory precautions can be constructed and enforced. The most likely origin of the coronavirus was through the consumption of wildlife and therefore this is the area being targeted by officials.

It isn’t only the healthcare industry that has seen a major change over the last few weeks, but the economy as well. Markets have fallen considerably across the globe, and especially in China. With so many individuals on lockdown, there isn’t enough work being done and therefore not enough items being purchased leading to a serious dip in the financial well-being of the country. Oil prices and stock markets have fallen in both China and Europe.

How is the United States responding to the Coronavirus?

The United States has 35 confirmed cases. President Donald Trump was quite furious when he learned that the 14 citizens who had tested positively were allowed into the United States without his consent. He is adamant about closing the borders to anyone who may be carrying the infection.

There have been more than enough conspiracy theories being spread around blaming the government of different countries- such as the United States- for causing the outbreak to occur in the first place. Obviously, there is no basis for these theories and efforts are being made to prevent this misinformation from growing out of hand.

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