Over the last few weeks, there has been a global buzz concerning the coronavirus. When it was first announced, the news was met with much fear but also a lot of skepticism from many people across the world. The common flu kills thousands of people every year and skeptics believe the coronavirus would be no more dangerous than the regular flu. However, it is now pretty much confirmed that this is not the case and the fear spreading across the world with regards to this virus has valid grounds.

COVID-19, which is the official name for the coronavirus, has a fatality rate of roughly 1%. When this rate is applied to the exceeding number of cases being treated it turns out that the coronavirus is some 10 times more dangerous then the regular flu and may end up taking more lives than anticipated. The regular winter flu takes around 300,000 lives every year and if the coronavirus is 10 times more deadly, one can only imagine the number of deaths expected.

It is true that the virus mostly only causes flu-like symptoms in the majority of the population and generally only hits harder in the elderly or those who are immunocompromised already. Healthcare workers are also at a much greater risk of being hit harder because of more intense exposure to the virus.

How to stay safe from the coronavirus

Even though younger people may not be hit as hard as the elderly or the already sick, they still have chances of developing very serious respiratory symptoms from the virus. Also, if young individuals do not protect themselves, they increase the risk of passing the virus onto those who are more vulnerable to its effects and that is why every precaution needs to be taken to ensure the virus remains as contained as possible.

Wearing face masks and keeping one’s hands properly sanitized are the two most important steps that the community can take to prevent the unnecessary spread of germs. The better hygiene that is practiced, the greater the chances of containing the virus. Another way to stay safe is to make sure to report one’s symptoms to a doctor if a person feels like they may have contracted the virus. It may seem like an inconvenient waste of time to spend long hours in the doctors waiting room simply to have one’s flu-like symptoms checked on, but this simple precautionary measure can end up saving many lives.

The reason so much emphasis is being put on stopping the spread of the virus is because of how much time it could take to develop a vaccine to cure it. There are scientists elbow deep in experiments and research and there are even some possible vaccines currently being tested out on animals, but these vaccines won’t be ready for human use anytime soon. There is a very tedious process of carefully watching a vaccine and its potential side effects in order to ascertain no one is further harmed by this new supposed cure and it could even take a year to complete the process of testing the perfect vaccine for any possible harmful side effects.


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