The nude photos Rob Kardashian posted of Black Chyna may be breaking California’s revenge porn law.
Rob Kardashian might want to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney in California as he may have overstepped some social media boundaries. Perhaps he can ask his older sister Kim Kardashian for some lawyer recommendations as she struggled with the leak of her sex tape several years ago.
Rob Kardashian has taken a ride on an emotional rollercoaster for several years now. He struggled with his past relationships as well his weight gain that he can’t seem to get under control.  And now, another issue is on the forefront. Rob Kardashian could be facing criminal charges for breaking what is recognized as the revenge porn law in California.
If you have been keeping up the with “the Kardashian,” you already know that Rob Kardashian was engaged to Blac Chyna, who was a former porn star turned reality TV star. They had a child together and shortly after, the relationship ended. From the recent posts and comments Rob Kardashian is posting on his social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it is safe to say he isn’t happy about the breakup. The couple struggled throughout the duration of their time together, constantly breaking up and getting back together. But now, it may finally be the end of the road for Rob and Chyna.

What is the revenge porn law and how might it be used to penalize Rob Kardashian?

Rob Kardashian could very well be criminally charged for the nude photos he posted of his former girlfriend Blac Chyna.
According to the Huffington Post, it is illegal “to publicly share explicit photos of another person in order to cause harm.” While the nude photos Rob posted didn’t show Chyna’s face, it did reveal tattoos that she currently has which indicates it was her. He also cited her name in the comments which makes it obvious that he was posting these obscene photos to get back at his ex for causing him emotional anguish and pain.
And while Chyna might not consider filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against the one and only male Kardashian among the famous siblings, the district attorney could very well pursue him for breaking the revenge porn law.
Here are some other aspects to consider that could ultimately affect the outcome of this developing case.
While the revenge porn law states that it is illegal to post photos as a form of retaliation to harm someone, why would this incident cause emotional distress for Chyna seeing that she uses the spotlight to pose in intimate and obscene photos?
And did Rob really break any laws seeing that he didn’t post photos of her face? He allegedly cropped the images that he posted so her face was removed from them but also made sure everyone was aware of who he was posting photos of. This might be a good question for his CA criminal defense lawyer should he elect to hire one.

What charges could Rob Kardashian be facing for posting photos of Chyna?

While there may only be some evidence that will help the district attorney press charges against Rob, attorneys may move forward with the charges in an attempt to “bring attention to the issue of cyber exploitation.”
And if Rob Kardashian is convicted, he could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for the first offense. And if Chyna chooses to file sexual harassment charges against Rob, he is ultimately looking at harsher penalties.
Rob Kardashian has encountered many unfortunate circumstances over the years and perhaps it is time he focuses on himself and takes a break from the media spotlight.

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