COVID-19 Has Immigrant Doctors on H-1B Visas Worried Their Family Could be Deported if They Become Disabled or Die

While immigrant doctors are selflessly working on the frontlines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, many fear that if they were to contract the virus, it could potentially lead to their family being deported, reports NBC News. Dr. Partha Mehta is one of those physicians who is concerned about the wellbeing of his family. Mehta told NBC that if he were to get sick and something happened to him, “it’s basically over for [his] family.”

The news source says that doctors like Mehta who are living in the U.S. with their families on an H-1B visa worry that if they were to become incapacitated or disabled, their family members on H-4 dependent visas will become subject to deportation. That is because H-1B visas are tied to their employment. The source goes on to explain that if an H-1B visa holder were to pass away, any H-4 dependent family members would become undocumented and subject to removal.

To prepare for this potential situation, Mehta has created a binder for his family that contains his login credentials for his social media accounts, important phone numbers of family and friends, and information regarding his investments. He has also included in the binder deportation procedures if he dies as his wife and two children could be deported to India.

The news source says that between 2007 and 2018, “the majority of H-1B visa petitions were filed by Indian nationals — approximately 2.2 million out of nearly 3.5 million.” However, the Cato Institute think tank says that “recently backlogged Indian workers face a wait time of 90 years.” Because many doctors are on a temporary visa while they wait for their petition to be processed, their family could be placed in removal proceedings if something were to happen to the H-1B visa holder.


How can an H-1B visa in Texas holder safeguard their family from removal if something were to happen to them?


The immigrant doctors who are putting their lives on the lines to treat COVID-19 patients should be worried about one thing—staying healthy and alive. Unfortunately, because of the current immigration laws that are in effect, many physicians have had to add the fear of deportation into their pile of worries. If you are concerned that your family is at risk of being deported should something happen to you, you need to know who to contact for legal help. The Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen is an immigration law firm in San Antonio, TX that has extensive experience in immigration law and is prepared to help you in any way they can. If you would like to discuss your concerns with a San Antonio, TX immigration attorney now, call 210-503-2800.


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