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Current Florida housing laws failing renters: real estate attorneys assist Orlando tenants.

Florida – August 4, 2022

American renters are usually younger, racially diverse, and less affluent than most homeowner households. COVID-19 and the country’s currently strained economy have exposed the failing protections of renters. More than a third of American households rent their homes. Housing shortages along with rising mortgage rates mean many people have found themselves locked out of homeownership. Concurrently, in Austin, rents are up 40 percent year-over-year, Orlando, 30 percent, and other sought-after areas by 20-29 percent.  Homeowners would not be able to keep their homes if their mortgages increased by these rates.  Renters need help with understanding tenant protections in Florida regarding housing availability and cost increases. Orlando was ranked No. 8 on cities with the highest increase in the nation. The median asking rent for a single-family home was $2,400 per month, compared with $1,681 for apartments.  Renters who are concerned about becoming homeless should contact a Florida real estate lawyer to discuss their rights and options.

Landlord tenant negotiations.

Tenants should try to negotiate with the property owner by touting the benefit of having an inhabited rental space, a good tenant based on previous living behaviors and the ability to help around the property and identify any strange things that require a property owner to be aware of.

Renters may want to acknowledge that the property owner has a point with raising the rent to address increased expenses across the state, but if you are tired of this being an annual concern, ask if they can draft a longer rental agreement so you will have housing stability for longer bit of time and tout that it benefits them because turnover is hard on a property owner due to preparation costs just as vacancy costs when it interrupts rent income flow. Renters should always communicate moving concerns with the property owner, they may be helpful and offer an extension to allow for time that renter needs to find another place.

New housing reference and potential negative credit reporting.

Even though a renter may be mad, they should remain polite and pay rent on time, so the property owner gives them a good reference when they are seeking a new rental property where screening is a factor.  Moving out in a timely manner will avoid issues with evictions that can damage credit reports.  Experienced real estate attorneys can assist individuals with questions and actions surrounding legal rent increases and actions to take against potential homelessness.

Hire a real estate lawyer.

Experienced Florida real estate attorneys can review lease agreements and identify the language that will support a renter’s rights against unethical or illegal practices toward eviction.  They can review the most current Florida and Federal housing laws that may support renters who are being taken advantage of, or squeezed out of their homes due to rent increases.

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