Dallas driver will be charged with DWI and other crimes for causing the death of a passenger

A young man from Dallas was killed in a horrific crash that was caused by a drunk driver in Texas.

Hummer driver rips through a BMW and causes a fatality

The incident happened in the west part of Harris County. A large Hummer vehicle collided with a BMW on the streets, and the BMW was seen in pictures of the aftermath ripped in half. The 16 year old male victim was one of the rear seat passengers in the BMW. Two other people who were harmed in the accident had to be hospitalized for injuries, but they were expected to survive due to the non-life threatening nature of their wounds. 

A witness at the scene told the news it was probably the worst car accident he had ever seen. The BMW was completely demolished by the Hummer. He described the situation as a “tragic deal” for everyone involved. The victim was apparently returning from a visit with family members in Houston. 

The young man was a well known student athlete who played for the DeSoto High School Football team. They were planning to return for practice just days after the accident happened. A spokesperson for the school district said that the 16 year old victim was respected for his athletics, other extracurricular activities, and his contributions to the community. 

The District Attorney for Harris County confirmed that the driver responsible will be charged with driving while intoxicated and other crimes. The suspect was not seriously hurt in the accident. 

The gravity of drunk driving crimes

As this news report shows, drunk driving is a very serious crime with tragic results. The penalties for defendants will be very severe if the driver causes damage to people or property in the area. Those charged should also consider that Most states in the country have made penalties for drunk drivers more harsh in recent years. 

Like every other state, Texas has laws that regulate driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The state’s DWI statute lists penalties, license suspensions, and other important matters. Texas defendants also face mandatory alcohol treatment and greater insurance prices once they are convicted. Within the first fifteen days after an arrest, there is an administrative process with the department of motor vehicles that is separate from your criminal case. This can possibly result in a two year license suspension. 

To try to minimize the possibility that your case will result in life changing penalties or a jail sentence, it is best to speak with a Dallas criminal attorney about your options. The state uses all of their resources to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. 

Get help from a defense attorney in your area 

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