There are various legislations in Texas that provide the rules and guidelines every nursing home must follow in order to stay on the good side of the law. All nursing home patients are entitled to live in a safe environment that prioritizes their safety and wellbeing. Nursing homes that are found violating these laws can face serious legal penalties. Anyone who has had their elderly family member abused in a nursing home should call a nursing home abuse lawyer to put an end to the abuse as soon as possible.

A lawyer can help a person determine what rights the nursing home violated and can speed up the process of receiving the appropriate compensation for the harm they suffered.

Nursing homes are required to practice the following rules according to Texas law:

High level of care

Under Chapter 19 of the Texas Administrative Code, residents of nursing homes are expected to receive high-quality care by the employees working there. They must be given easy access to every service that could help them maintain their health and personal wellbeing. This means that nursing homes must create a proper and detailed care plan for each resident. This plan should take everything into consideration, including the medical history of the patient and their specific mental requirements. The nursing home is responsible for taking care of the social life, mental health, and physical life of the resident.

Respect for every resident

The unfortunate truth is most nursing homes are guilty of treating their residents poorly. Even if they meet their basic needs such as proper meals, and medical care, they often fail to treat the residents with the dignity and respect they truly deserve. Residents must be treated in a way that makes them feel important and in a way that allows them to preserve their confidence and happiness. When nursing home residents are treated properly, and they are free from emotional abuse their quality of life can improve significantly and they will be able to make themselves comfortable in their new home.

Access to proper facilities and trained staff

Nursing homes are not allowed to hire employees who are untrained and unqualified for their positions. This is especially true for their healthcare team members. They are also not allowed to understaff to save money. Nurses should be available all seven days a week for 8 hours daily. Residents should always have easy access to medical facilities and therapy programs while having the confidence they are being taken care of by individuals who have the credentials to do so.

Though there is no specific legal ratio of how many caregivers there should be in each facility, the National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) is currently in the process of proposing a minimum ratio.

Individuals who have been in any situation in which their elderly relative was exposed to unhygienic or dangerous environments while residing in their nursing home, should contact an attorney to launch an investigation to determine if the nursing home can be legally penalized for violating health codes and other nursing home regulatory laws.

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