What Damages Do I Qualify for After Suffering from a Permanent Injury?

Suffering from a debilitating injury should never be overlooked or undercompensated. Because there are many damages an injury victim is entitled to receive, the Sarasota personal injury lawyers at Probinsky & Associates want you to be aware of exactly what these damages are. Call us at 941.371.8800 or visit us online at https://www.andressinzinainjurylaw.com.
Personal injury accidents are comprised of many different types of incidents. Car crashes, slip and falls, work-related injuries, medical errors, etc. all constitute as a personal injury when negligence is a contributing factor. And while one accident may leave someone with a broken leg that will eventually heal, another person may be diagnosed with permanent brain damage as a result of an accident.  When someone is subjected to living out their life with a permanent injury, it is important that their claim is handled in a different manner seeing that they are now required to take a new path in life, one they would have never chosen to go down.
Permanent injury claims are among the most serious types of personal injury claims that can be filed. One thing to keep in mind is that the severity of these claims vary also, and while some individuals are able to carry on their lives with their permanent loss, others require on-going therapy and treatment. Either way, when it comes down to the settlement, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration and the Sarasota personal injury attorneys at Probinsky & Associates want to enlighten you on what these factors are.
Pain and Suffering- This is one of the most difficult types of damages to file for. Pain and suffering can be split up into two categories: physical pain and mental anguish. While medical reports and records will highlight the physical pain a victim has suffered, it becomes quite difficult to identify the mental anguish they have struggled with. Personal statements and lifestyle changes truly reflect what a person is going through after engaging in a traumatic accident, and that should be taken into account.
Loss of income- In many cases where permanent damage is done, the injured person is unable to carry out their duties they once were able to complete with ease. This means there is no paycheck coming in every two weeks, no bonuses being received, and no money being deposited into a 401 K retirement plan each pay period. How is one expected to carry on with their life when they are unable to work? Therefore, this too should be factored into a settlement amount.
Medical expenses- When a person is the victim to a negligent act, because they didn’t cause it, they shouldn’t be subjected to paying for the medical care that is required now or in the future.
Our personal injury attorneys in Sarasota identify this as yet another damage that can be claimed when an individual suffers from a permanent injury.
One of the most efficient ways an accident victim can obtain the above mentioned damages is by hiring a reliable and skilled personal injury lawyer. Andress | Inzina, LLC have been offering their legal services for more than 25 years and will fight for the compensation an accident victim deserves.

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