DELRAY BEACH, Florida. If you’re contemplating going through a divorce, you may have many questions about what your life will be like after divorce. Once you have resolved the legal, financial, and personal questions that must be considered during your divorce with the assistance of a family lawyer, you may begin to wonder about some of the practical and personal considerations about life after divorce. Many wonder what it will be like to date again after their divorce. Here are some things to consider when thinking about dating after your divorce.

  • Make sure you’re ready. According to Woman’s Day, it’s important to listen to your own inner voice and body. If the idea of dating sounds unappealing, it’s probably too soon. If you haven’t yet finalized your divorce, it is also probably too soon. The family lawyers at the CMO Law Group in Delray Beach, Florida see firsthand the challenges that individuals and families face when going through a divorce, in terms of resolving the legal, financial, and personal issues that the process will bring. Bringing a new person into this whirlwind will only make matters more complicated, not only in your personal life, but also in terms of your divorce. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend while trying to settle your divorce can also complicate your financial settlement and your parenting plan. It might be best until the divorce is finalized before you start dating again. However, if it’s been several years and you still feel dread or sadness when you think about dating, Prevention suggests that a counselor might be able to help you work through the feelings that may be holding you back. A bad divorce, betrayal, or even having children shouldn’t stop you from dating.
  • Consider what you want. Divorce, for many people, is a learning process. You have learned about what you don’t want in a partnership through your marriage. Take those lessons to heart when entering the dating scene. Think about what went wrong in your marriage and also consider the things that went right. Ask yourself whether you want to find another life partner or whether you are looking for a casual fling. Knowing what you want before you enter the scene can make a difference in how enjoyable you’ll find dating.
  • Meet different people. You may have to go on some bad dates before you finally have a good one. When you’re just getting started, you might want to meet several people for coffee and see if anyone sparks a connection. Don’t feel the need to get serious right away, but be honest with the people you meet. Let your dates know that you are interested in getting to know people right now. But you can also let them know your ultimate intentions. For example, if you eventually want a long-term partner, but are interested in just dating around for a while, let your date know. If you just want a causal relationship, let your dates know, too.
  • Most people use the internet to find partners. If you’re new to the game, going on dating sites is common and even expected. It’s not just for teens and college kids.

Dating after divorce can be a frightening prospect at first, but it can also be fun and exhilarating. However, if you’re still in the early stages of divorce or contemplating divorce, it is important to resolve your legal, financial, and child custody questions first. Visit to learn more about your options.

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