If you are getting divorced in Orlando, Florida, you might have many questions about the next steps. Divorce can be one of the toughest times in anyone’s life, and it is understandable that you’ll want to move on as soon as possible. The Aikin Family Law Group are Orlando, Florida divorce lawyers who can assist you with your divorce case so that you can move forward with your life.

The time period between when a couple decides to divorce and the time when their divorce is finalized can sometimes take months, depending on the complexity of the divorce case. Generally, the shortest period of time it can take to get divorced is a few weeks, but divorce can take as long as years if your divorce case is particularly complex. You might be ready to move on with your life, and may even want to start dating. But is dating before your divorce is finalized a good idea?

Dating before your divorce is finalized can have serious implications for your divorce settlement. It can impact everything from the financial aspects of your divorce to child custody matters. How can dating during your divorce impact your divorce case?

  • It can make your divorce more contentious. Better divorce agreements can be reached when both parties are calm and collected. If you are dating during your divorce, this can make the divorce process much more difficult. Couples might be able to reach better divorce settlements if they can reach a divorce agreement outside of court. But, if you and you ex disagree on financial matters and child custody matters because there are hard feelings involved, your case can end up being far more complex.
  • It can impact the financial settlement you could receive. Dating during divorce can be technically considered adultery, which means that any money you spend on dates, or traveling with a date could be considered dissipation of marital assets. Anything you do with a new partner, from taking him or her out to dinner to traveling with a new partner before your divorce settlement is finalized can impact the financial outcome of your divorce settlement. Living with someone else after you get divorced can also impact your ability to receive alimony. If your partner makes more money than you and knows you are dating someone new, he or she might fight against paying alimony. Furthermore, dating while going through your divorce may limit the negotiation options you might have with your ex. For example, if your ex thinks you are likely to get remarried to a new partner, he or she may have no incentive to offer you a lump sum alimony payment or offer you more in assets in exchange for avoiding paying alimony. Furthermore, according to com, if you are the spouse that might be ordered to pay alimony, the courts could potentially award more alimony to your former spouse if it is discovered that you are dating during your divorce or that you are dating before your divorce is finalized.
  • Child custody arrangements can be impacted. If your former partner doesn’t like your new dating partner, he or she could use this to limit your visitation and custody rights. For example, your former partner could claim that the new partner poses a risk to the children or would create a moral hazard for the children, which can then impact your custody arrangement or even your ability to seek custody of the children. If your ex doesn’t want your children interacting with a new partner, this could also create added challenges.
  • Consider the emotional implications of dating during divorce. While dating during divorce might seem like a good way to escape the emotional pain you are going through, you’ll only be distracting yourself from the difficult things you need to face. Dealing with the painful emotions of your marriage ending is an important part of the growth process. You can learn a great deal about yourself and about what you want and don’t want in your life going forward. But if you fail to take this time and jump right into a new relationship, you may miss out on important growth opportunities. Finally, if the dating arrangement ends, you could be left with the wreckage of a difficult divorce, an ended marriage, and ended relationship. This can be emotionally overwhelming for anyone.

These are just some of the ways that dating during divorce can impact your divorce case. But what happens if you already started dating? What happens if you find out your former partner was dating? The Aikin Family Law Group are Orlando, Florida divorce lawyers who may be able to assist you with your divorce case. Our attorneys help families navigate complex divorce cases. If you haven’t started dating, your best bet is to avoid doing so. But sometimes divorce can get messy. The Aikin Family Law Group, are Orlando, Florida family lawyers who can assist you with your divorce case.

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