It can be easy to get intimidated by the trucking company or even by one’s own insurance company after getting into a serious truck accident. Often, a collision that was not the fault of the driver will be presented as if it was and this can lead to the victim of the accident not getting the compensation they truly deserve. To make sure the party who is guilty is held liable for their negligence, a person should contact a truck accident attorney as soon as they possibly can so a proper investigation can be launched to determine fault.

If the trucking company decides to blame the driver of the passenger vehicle for the collision, it is necessary to collect enough evidence to prove them wrong. In this case, statistics are on a person’s side as collisions with large trucks occur mostly due to the fault of the truck driver or a third party. There are so many rules that truckers and trucking companies must follow that after a collision it is usually easy to prove they were guilty of not following a handful of them. When a person can prove they failed to follow the rules set forth by government bodies that regulate vehicle safety it can be easy to hold them legally accountable for their actions.

Do I have to contact the police after a truck accident?


All drivers are required to call the police and inform them of their accident once they get into a serious collision. This step is so important because once the police are contacted, they create a police report and this report can be vital later down the road if a lawsuit takes place. Once a police report has been created, a person should make sure to request a copy of it so they can verify all the information and have it on hand as well.

When it comes to contacting all the parties involved in the accident, it is often difficult for the victim of a collision to get in touch with the trucking company. A truck accident lawyer can easily track down the company for a person and even compel them to offer a fair settlement amount. If they refuse to reply and if they create needless complications, the matter can be escalated to court until they are forced to cooperate in front of a judge.

Truck accidents are one of the most complicated types of accidents a person can find themselves in due to the many rules and regulations that truckers are expected to follow and because of the many different groups who need to be contacted and questioned to determine who was actually at fault for the accident. A legal professional can help ease the entire process and make it much easier for a person to get their settlement.

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