Denver cop arrested for luring a child over the Internet

Denver, CO – Denver PD is once again hit by scandal. This time it is not about beating up peaceful protesters. It’s worse than that. Denver cop Timothy Hyatt, 45, turned himself in last week following accusations of luring a child on the Internet. The investigation that started last February in Jefferson County showed that Hyatt was communicating online with someone whom he believed was a 14-year-old girl and he made very clear sexual advances. 

Hyatt used various identities across several social media platforms and he patiently tried to seduce the ‘young girl’. 

Some might say that was the action of a deranged pedophile and has nothing to do with his police activity. However, sexual assault is one of the most common types of police misconduct in Colorado.

What is sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct by a law enforcement agent refers to sexual harassment, assault, or exploitation of citizens by a member of the police. Reported cases involve minors or adults in custody, as well as citizens, especially women, assaulted by an officer during a police operation.

The nature of their job offers rogue police officers unique opportunities to engage in sexual harassment or assault acts.  

Officers routinely operate alone and unsupervised and, in the course of their duty, they encounter many vulnerable people, from criminal suspects to victims of other crimes they were supposed to help and protect. Many sexual misconduct crimes occur late at night, in isolated places. The man with the badge is all-powerful in such an encounter. This is not to say that all police officers are sexual predators, but those with such inclinations will certainly take advantage of such a situation.

Here are the most common types of situations:

Traffic stops 

Many incidents of police sexual misconduct and assault occur during traffic stops. If an officer stops a car driven by a woman on an empty road who’s to stop him from sexually assaulting her, especially if the victim was guilty of some traffic law violation? The officer will let the victim know he may be persuaded to turn a blind eye in return for sexual favors.


Once someone is handcuffed and taken into custody they are virtually defenseless. Sexual misconduct, in this case, includes illegal strip searches, humiliating the detainee, and even rape. The same applies to people in prison who are at the mercy of the guards. 

Internship programs

This is a completely different type of sexual misconduct as the victim is not in custody or under investigation, Young people interested in a law enforcement career often fall victim to this type of abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to teach them about upholding the law. 

Unfortunately, many crimes go unreported either because victims feel humiliated, or because they are in a vulnerable position and are afraid of retaliation. This only makes rogue officers feel even more powerful and above the law. Victims should not let such crimes go unpunished. Help is at hand. When you contact a reliable Denver police misconduct lawyer they will help you gather the proof you need to support your charges. 

The first option is to file a complaint with the police department where the officer works, but your chances of success are slim. The best course in such cases is to sue the officer and the whole police department and seek damages for what they did to you. 

If you were recently a victim of any type of police misconduct in Denver, you should contact an experienced civil rights lawyer at the Bryan&Terrill law firm to see how to proceed with your case.

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