In 2016, Jennifer Goodridge, a wife and mother of two, died as a result of an accidental overdose. The Denver Post says that Goodridge had taken a “cocktail of opioids, muscle relaxers, and barbiturates she had been prescribed by Dr. Andrew Hong,” a physician she had been seeing since 2013. While Goodridge isn’t the first and won’t be the last to die from an accidental overdose, her family has set themselves apart from many of the other families who have lost someone they love to opioids—they filed a lawsuit against the doctor who was responsible for prescribing the medication.

In 2019, nearly three years after Goodridge’s death, her family brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Hong, alleging he failed to recognize that Goodridge was misusing the opioids he was prescribing her. The issue began in 2014 after Hong prescribed Goodridge with “a low dose of Fentanyl administered through a patch to treat neck and back pain,” according to the lawsuit.

For the next two years, Goodridge would ask for early refills of her prescription and an increase in the dosage.

The mother of two was not only taking the prescription she received but also other controlled substances she obtained other ways, says the source. It wasn’t long before Goodridge’s family had begun to notice that she was displaying signs of an addiction. The wrongful death attorney hired to represent the family says Hong should have recognized that a problem had developed.

Instead of recognizing the issue, Hong says that he “didn’t know that Goodridge wasn’t taking her medications as prescribed until the lawsuit and didn’t realize that Goodridge had been lying to get early refills of her prescriptions.” While the doctor claims that he offered Goodridge “other treatment options and counseled her extensively about the dangers of pain medicines,” three days before she died, he had prescribed her oxycodone. Goodridge managed to get the prescription filled early as she had lied and said she would be traveling and needed the medicine earlier.

After the wrongful death lawsuit was brought against Hong, he decided to settle with the family for an undisclosed amount.


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