A 25-year-old woman from Denver was recently charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault-DUI, driving without a valid driver’s license, and failure to yield after causing a fatal DUI accident in Denver. On May 11th, Karla Arellano was heading south on Tower Road at East 43rdAvenue when she decided to turn in front of a vehicle that was heading northbound, according to Denver Patch. The cars collided and the impact alone killed one of Arellano’s passengers. Another passenger along with the driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries.
After police arrived on the scene, officers retrieved open liquor bottles from Arellano’s vehicle and she told officials she had consumed three Corona beers earlier. Based on the charges she is facing, it would be wise for Arellano to hire a DUI defense attorney in Denver, CO before she is scheduled to appear in court on May 31st.

Colorado Woman Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison for Killing Two of Her Children in DUI Accident

In other news, 46-year-old Jenny Figaszewski of Colorado pleaded guilty in February to vehicular homicide-DUI after she caused a fatal accident that occurred back in 2016 [Source: The Denver Post]. Figaszewski admitted that during a road trip, she took methamphetamine and as a result her vehicle went off Interstate 70. The vehicle started rolling before it returned to the road, skidded sideways, and hit a fence. Two of her daughters, ages 14 and nine, died as a result of the accident and the other two, ages seven and five, sustained serious injuries.
On Monday, May 7th, Figaszewski was sentenced to 16 years in prison. The source did not indicate whether she had hired a Colorado DUI attorney.
The truth is, these two women aren’t the only ones who are facing the repercussions of getting behind the wheel while under the influence. The Denver Post reported that during 14 enforcement periods in the state of Colorado, more then 10,000arrests were made in 2017. And in 2016, during 12 enforcement periods, officers made 7,279 DUI arrests. These “enforcement periods” usually coincide with holidays and public events which means this number is not a true reflection of the total number of DUI arrests made within the state of Colorado in both 2016 and 2017.
Facing a DUI charge in Denver, CO? Be sure you contact USAttorneys.com so you can be connected with some of the best DUI defense lawyers who can help fight your charges and potentially get them reduced.
While it is clear that there are plenty of individuals who have made the mistake of getting behind the wheel drunk or high, many of these individuals probably don’t expect to get caught or worse, cause a drunk driving accident. But, the fact is, when your judgement is impaired, anything can happen. And it is for that reason that you should always avoid getting behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol or any type of medication that is known to interfere with your ability to drive.
But, if you have recently been charged with DUI in Denver, CO, it is in your best interest to hire a Denver DUI lawyer as soon as possible if you want to stand any chance at getting your charges reduced. Many DUI offenders are often faced with having to spend time behind bars, especially when they cause an accident, and if you are hoping to avoid this and potentially get a less severe punishment, you will need to retain a CO DUI accident lawyer quickly.
Should you need help locating a DUI defense lawyer in the Denver area, contact USAttorneys.com and we will assist you with finding one.

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