A woman who was supposed to be taking care of elderly people in the Destin, Florida area was charged with theft crimes for stealing from them

Young woman steals from an elderly man she was taking care of

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office charged a 30 year old female suspect from Andalusia, Alabama with defrauding a 94 year old man from Niceville, Florida. The specific crimes charged were elderly exploitation, theft from a person aged 65 or older, altering or forging checks, and uttering forged checks with intent to defraud. The county’s press release concluded by saying that the suspect was being held in the county jail in Crestview. 

An investigation revealed that the woman had been providing care services to the victim since December 2019. This was about six months before she was arrested. The police found that between January and May of 2020, she stole and attempted to use approximately a dozen of the victim’s checks. She also took five paychecks that were given to her between February and May of 2020 by the victim, and altered the amount she was given for her services in an attempt to get additional unearned pay.  

There was no information given about the possible amount of jail time that the suspect may face. 

Property crimes and theft

Various kinds of theft are fairly common charges, and these crimes occur more often than violent crimes in most jurisdictions around the country. The state will decide on the severity of the sentence based on the amount or value of what is stolen. In Florida, a misdemeanor petit theft charge is usually for items valued at $200 or less, while more serious larceny crimes are felonies reserved for stealing things worth several hundred dollars or more. A sentence can also include restitution, where the victim is repaid by the suspect for the value of the stolen items. 

Defending against crimes related to stealing

A defense attorney can do a number of things to assist a client who is going to be prosecuted. Theft crimes often have issues with mistaken identity or a lack of evidence that shows the person arrested was in fact one responsible for the theft, or got caught in the act of the crime. In the criminal courts, the prosecutor must prove these facts beyond all reasonable doubt, otherwise the defendant is set free. The standard jury instructions even tell all of the jury members that they must acquit the defendant if even one element of the crime has not been shown beyond all reasonable doubt by the state. 

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