De’Von Bailey’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After He Was Shot and Killed by Colorado Springs Police

While many individuals in Colorado are protesting over the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man who died while in police custody, there are dozens of others who are using these protests as an opportunity to recognize the other lives that have been taken by police officers. De’Von Bailey is one of them. Bailey was shot and killed by a Colorado Springs police officer back in 2019 but it wasn’t until recently that his family brought a lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs and two Colorado Springs police officers.

It was back on August 3, 2019, when officers say they were responding to a call for a reported armed robbery. That is when they came in contact with Bailey and his cousin, Lawrence Stroker. In the bodycam footage that was later released, officers are heard asking the men to put their hands up. Moments later, Bailey is seen running away. That is when officers opened fire at Bailey. While in police custody, Bailey succumbed to his injuries.


Police Officers Cleared of Any Wrongdoing


After an investigation was conducted on the use of force, both Sergeant Alan Van’t Land and Officer Blake Evenson were cleared of any wrongdoing by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, reports KRDO. Because their acts were considered to be justified, no disciplinary action was taken against the officers.


A Wrongful Death Lawsuit is Filed


After the FBI’s decision came back, Bailey’s family decided to retain a lawyer to challenge it. The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit that alleges that “Anthony Love, [who is] an acquaintance of Bailey and Stoker, falsely reported a robbery, leading police to the two men.” The lawsuit claims that both of the officers “exercised excessive force, racial biased policing, and battery causing wrongful death” in the shooting of Bailey.”

The family is seeking damages for emotional distress, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering “on all claims allowed by law in an amount to be determined at trial.” They are also requesting that punitive damages be awarded “on all claims allowed by law and in an amount to be determined at trial.” Punitive damages are used to punish a party for their wrongdoing and deter them and others away from engaging in similar behavior.


Was a loved one of yours wrongfully killed by a Colorado police officer?


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