While ads for Axe Body Spray claim the deodorant has the ability to “keep you smelling great all day long,” apparently it can also catch fire. Fox News reported that this past Friday, a truck transporting cans of Axe Body deodorant caught fire on I-35 in Belton, TX around 4:00 a.m. The cans, which are highly flammable, exploded and were “launched from the truck across the interstate,” highlights the New York Post. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident, however, officials aren’t quite sure what sparked the fire as of yet.
The highway was shut down for several hours while cleanup crews worked to clear the scene along with the debris that was in the roadway.
After the truck accident occurred, many individuals in the area took to Twitter to comment on the incident. One person wrote, “Everybody is safe, and the entire town of Belton smells like a high school boys’ locker room.” Another Tweet that was posted read, “It’s been two days since that truck with [the Axe Body Spray] blew up on I35 and it still smells like bad decisions throughout Belton.”

Texas Woman Caught on Camera Evading Police in Vehicle with Her Baby Inside

Another accident occurred a few months ago in Texas, although the video footage of it was recently released for the public to view. The video, which can be viewed on KGW, shows a dark grey Mercedes SUV driving at a fast rate of speed on Highway 90. The woman, who police identified as 29-year-old Caitlyn Rodriguez, had been pulled over prior by police but had outstanding warrants and fled the scene. The aerial footage shows her driving erratically, “narrowly avoiding several accidents along the way,” says the news source. Police followed behind.
Luckily, a Texas trooper was able to puncture her vehicle’s front left tire with a deflation device but that didn’t quite end the chase there. Rodriguez continued on driving, drove into oncoming traffic, and even ran through a red light. She then crashed her vehicle into a truck that was stopped at another traffic light. After Rodriguez’s vehicle was no longer drivable, she hopped out and was seen taking out a baby carrier with her child inside out of the vehicle. She ran on foot with the baby carrier and attempted to carjack a white SUV although by that time officials had caught up with her and detained her.
She was later charged with child endangerment, evading arrest, and possession of a controlled substance. The woman will likely want to hire a TX criminal defense lawyer seeing that she had prior charges on her record which may be why she fled from police in the first place.

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