In 2012, “the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that certain people who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal.” This is recognized as the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The program has helped nearly 750,000 individuals known as “Dreamers” to remain in the U.S. While this program has helped many immigrant children by shielding them from deportation, one young lady is now looking at the possibility of being sent back to her home country, although she was under the DACA protection.
According to CBS 46 News, former Kennesaw State student, Jessica Colotl, 29, recently lost her protection under the DACA program and is expected to be deported. While she is at risk being in the U.S. illegally, she has taken on one of the top immigration attorneys in Atlanta, Charles Kuck. According to the news report, Colotl admitted to a felony charge back in August 2011 where she allegedly made a false statement to a law enforcement officer in Cobb County, GA. Colotl was allegedly driving without a license back in 2010 and was pulled over and charged for the offense.  Since then, it has been a battle for Colotl to remain in the U.S.
But now, ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) stated that she has lost her protection because of the confession to the charge and her DACA status has been terminated as of May 3rd.

Not All Deportation Requests Are Final

With all the new immigration laws being introduced, it is important that if you are at risk of being deported that you contact Kuck Immigration Partners immediately.
While it may appear that Colotl might have brought this upon herself as Bryan Cox, spokesman of ICE said “Colotl was allowed to enter a diversionary program by police in Cobb County although federal law considers her admission of guilt a felony conviction,” her attorney believes otherwise. Colotl’s Atlanta immigration and deportation lawyer has said “that she complied with the terms of pretrial diversion, meaning she does not have a felony conviction.” That would mean that she should still in fact be permitted to remain in the U.S.
Now, with the help of the immigration lawyers at Kuck Immigration Partners in Atlanta, Colotl may have a fighting chance to beat this case and live in the U.S. According to the news source, while the DACA has allowed many to live under protection from being deported, the Department of Homeland Security has already terminated the status for 1,500 of those individuals. Perhaps some for good reasons but others that may have been unjustified.

Do You Have an Immigration Question or Concern?

If you are facing deportation or are looking to obtain more information on how you can become a permanent resident in the U.S., you are going to need an experienced lawyer such as Charles Kuck representing you. Times are tough for illegal immigrants and those living in the U.S. on a work visa, and it seems as though things aren’t going to get easier with President Trump pushing for new laws that could affect all illegal immigrants in the U.S.
So, if you have any questions or concerns, contact the Atlanta immigration and deportation lawyers at Kuck Immigration Partners. They can be reached by calling 404-816-8615.

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